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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Margaret B strikes again!

More photos from Margaret. This time, a Zen Bastards show, Charlie T launching a ramp, and George Brown at Sugar's. There is also another Zen bastards pic here.

Zen Bastards 

Zen Bastards vs. The Man 

Charlie Thomas 

George Brown @ Sugar's 

On a side note, I reuploaded the Rare Avis
and Urbosleeks songs to their mp3 pages, so they should be better quality now (stereo). Also a couple off of the misc. mp3 page that came from cds. I also added another Three Guys Plumbing song and a Fountainhead track that came off of an old 4 track master. It had been partially recorded over, so it's missing some of its tracks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cool old skate photos

Margaret B sent in some more fine photos of the old skate scene. There's one of the Get Wet jam where whoever Tony Mag was with before H street came through. Uncle something maybe? Also a pic of Sal at John Wayne it looks like, and one of what I think is the ramp that used to be out by Acadiana mall.

Ricky Williams, Tony Magnusson, Jonathan Simon (?) at the Get Wet jam 1988(?) 

Mike Vallely, John Morrow, Jon Jenkins watching Sal Barbier at John Wayne(?) 

The ramp that was out by the mall (I think). Anyone remember the name? 

Also, Dege said that it's George Brown in this photo, who would be Danny Hall's cousin, and who was in NoMoreFun and the Lower Chakras and is now the drummer for the Roebucks. Dege says he was the undeclared king of Baton Rouge punk rock skating back in the day.

Here are a few things I found on the WFMU blog. This bike battle thing by the blacklabel guys was last weekend. And I missed it, dammit. The site also has Chicken Shit Bingo in Austin. Also, Japanese cleavage pillows, crotch pillows, and poop hats, the German albino Elvis, and the latest Dshinghis Khan find. You can thanks Station Manager Ken for most of those.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A couple of photos.

Digging through the old yearbooks also turned up a few other items of dubious interest. A few skate photos, an account of the Pain Teens / Bubba Daddy show at the Bluebird Lounge, and also what everyone has been asking for, a shitty picture of Scott Alan Stagg. I also have a Heads of State interview and an Otis interview from old zines that I'll put up somewhere.

Q: Jenkins, how many Kellys can you ollie, brah?
A: One, sort of.

A Jon Jenkins perfectly executed Kelly ollie 

Keith Wampler at John Wayne 

Scott Alan Stagg 

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Heh heh heh

Those photos Curtis found of old garage bands got me checking the yearbook I have. I didn't find any band photos, but some of the pictures were pretty funny. They weren't making a very good blog entry, so I made a page for them. So here you go: Rock-n-roll According to a 1989 Yearbook. This is definitely going to get my ass kicked.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Misc. stuff

I heard from Madelyn Boudreaux via email. I didn't know her back in the day, but we knew a lot of the same people. Anyway, she has some pics of the Zen Bastards and some other stuff that she's going to try to scan. She also might have some old recordings that she can dig up, including one by the Rocking Shapes, which would be very cool to hear. She's living in Utah and she's got a site: madelyn.utahunderground.net . Here are two pics from her site of a 1988 Zen Bastards show (the one that was at that big old white house on Main Street in the garage). I think Dana and Kelly's band opened up? Maybe somebody will recognize somebody.

Zen Bastards show 1988 

Zen Bastards show 1988 

She was talking about The Armpit, which was a barn with a big smilie face painted on it by Abbeville somewhere. I mistakenly was thinking of a different place. Does anybody know the name of the little bar that was in the industial park toward Scott where Zen Bastards played?

Speaking of Zen Bastards, check out this photo of Donny S. and Mirielle sporting the dual ZB shirts at a school dance. Awwwww! (Donny is probably going to kick my ass)

The Wild Side 

Steve Wilkerson (one of the original Rinky Dink owners) has a new musical project called Pierhead Jump that you can check out here.

Here's a shot of the skateboard that supposedly inspired the club's name:

old Rinky Dink skateboard 

Does anybody know how to get hold of Cheryl Palmer (Mary Cheryl)? She was always taking photos of bands back in the day, and I'm sure she's probably still got tons.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lafayette band myspace profiles

Here are a few Myspace band profiles from Lafayette bands (mostly newer bands):


Frames of Reference

The Object at the End of History


Modern Jazz Movement

The Amazing Nuns

Dire Wood


Dege Legg

And I started one for some Sanpakus posterity:


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

95.9 FM in Austin

Check out the shows on this pirate station in Austin: KAOS 95.9 . How awesome is that? These sound especially interesting: Asshole-and-a-half, Wasted Hippie, DJ Dirtyboob's T & A Show, and Church of Nocturnal Emissions. Pirate radio is the way radio ought to be. Corporate radio is such a waste of time. Why do we even have to deal with it or the record industry anymore? There are enough independent outlets for music via the internet nowadays. I can't remember the last time I heard anything on a major station that even piqued my interest. (Actually, can't remember the last time I listened to a major station)

Frigg site with mp3s

Ok, I finally got off my ass and made a Frigg page. There are 5 mp3s here. Actually I'm jumping the gun a little, because soundclick probably won't approve them until tomorrow. I'll add a few more tracks later. A couple are from the old "My Girl's Alright" cassette, one is from a Scooch Pooch 7", and the others are from "The Penetrating Sounds of..." on the now defunct 360 Twist label. "The Winning Score" is still available from Scooch Pooch.

In case you didn't see them in the link list on the right side of the page, I've already made similar pages for Urbosleeks, Rare Avis, and Full Hank. The plan is to gradually either make soundclick or myspace pages for various old bands as we get more material from them. Also, while I was getting the stuff for the Frigg page, I realized that I'm mildly retarded. I was recording stuff from CDs in mono through the mic input on my laptop (which I have to do for tapes and vinyl) and then realized that I can just rip them straight to stereo mp3s from the cd drive. I'm an idgit. Anyway, I'll reupload the Rare Avis and Urbosleeks stuff that I already put up mono sometime this week.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hekatomic Cherries site

Hekatomic Cherries have a myspace site now with four songs. If you're like me, it's probably been a while since you heard them (like 10 years for me) so you should go check them out and refresh your memory. I think the old site I linked to may be dead now, so I've updated the links. I hope more old bands start doing this. Myspace band sites are free, and they will host 4 tracks. It's a great way to get your music archived on the web for posterity. So many old bands have disappeared into obscurity.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dana Smith page at Highermind

Dana showed me an old site that Louis Atkinson made for him a while back. Louis's web design and hosting company is highermind.com and Dana's page is here. It's got several flyers and a few drawings and sketches. It's all older stuff I believe. He's supposed to take some pics of his new stuff, so hopefully we'll get them up on the web soon. It's been a while since I saw him, but the stuff he was working on then was the bee's knees. Louis also has a page for Ben Thompson, who does all the crazy metal sculpture. Check out the crazy metal marionette, it's pretty wild.

While I'm on the art topic, check out my friend Bart's stuff here and here. He used to live in Brooklyn, but recently moved to Austin.

Cousin Lip by Dana Earl Smith 

The Bluerunners @ Grant Street 1992 

Man or Astroman @ Metropolis 

Frigg / One Common Voice @ Metropolis 

There's also a CD Cafe flyer from 92 from Dana's page and a Metropolis flyer that I found on some poster site.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

All of the Toxin III recordings are now on the web

Chris Cart has put all of the Toxin III recordings up on the web here. You can listen for free, so check them out, you will like. I'm partial to Middle Class. Most of these are from around 1982, I believe? I Rock, I Ran is still surprisingly relevant considering it was written almost 25 years ago. We just can't keep our noses out of the mid-east can we? And if I'm not mistaken, Rok n Rol is against the corporate music played on the radio. That definitely hasn't changed either. Chris is planning on eventually putting out a double 10" which is great news.

A friend of ours here in NYC just got her own show on WFMU (the main independent station in the city). Her name's Liz Berg, and she'll be on Tuesday mornings from 9AM to noon, so give her a listen if you get a chance. (WFMU archives all their shows, so you can listen whenever.) Me and Scott have been making a bunch of music CDs to try to get her to play some Louisiana stuff. By the way, WFMU is a great resource if you want to hear new music. If you want to hear a certain band, you can search their site, and if it was on a recent playlist, you can probably listen to the track from their archive. Frigg played live at the station in 2003 and Die Rotzz from NOLA played in 2004.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hamilton's Club last show is tomorrow

Lafayette's losing another landmark club, people...it's a shame. Hamilton's Club is closing down after almost 50 years of hosting zydeco shows. Apparently the owner has heart problems. The last show is Saturday (tomorrow) with Keith Frank and Geno Delafosse. If I still lived there I would be there for sure. You know it will be crazy.
Here's the article: here and here. That's by far the best place I've ever seen a zydeco show. The boards on the wall smack against each other along with the beat of the drums and you can feel the floor bouncing up and down. It will probably be crazy packed though (which is good).

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

new band and skate photos

Margaret B. sent in a bunch of badass photos. The photo of Al Gibson is at John Wayne before it was layered with metal. (What were they called back then, Southern Plywood Posse?) The mini next to it looks tiny. I think the old Mako's used to be Sugar's, so that Sugar's ramp sat right on the strip. I think Louis Atkinson ended up with its remains, and then it was later used to build one of Emfinger's ramps. I don't know anything about Danny's Garden of Eden. There is also a photo of the banked wall in Baton Rouge here (not sure who that is in the photo). The Acid Bath photo was at Jerry's, and the Reality On Trial, this Butthole Surfers, and this Dash Rip Rock were at John's. Mucho gracias, M.

Al Gibson, over the channel 

acid bath at Jerry's 

Sugar's ramp 

Reality On Trial @ John's 

Danny's Garden of Eden 

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Strawboss mp3

I got some info and a Strawboss mp3 from Blake. He said that John Mcbride who was in Fountainhead years ago is now in San Diego and plays with the Downtown Moneywasters. I added the Strawboss mp3 here, but it probably won't be available for listening or downloading until tomorrow. I updated the band index page with new info and a few more band entries. If anyone sees anything that looks wrong on it, let me know and I'll fix it. Actually if everyone could check out the entries for whatever bands they were in and let me know if they're accurate, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any bands I missed, let me know and I'll add them. If you have info on the band then that would be a lot more useful than just the name of a band I missed. I guess at the moment I'm pretty much stopping at 2000, just because there are so many frigging bands.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fell To Earth and some misc. stuff

Fluid is living in New Orleans and has apparently recently joined Fell To Earth. (Beware the excessive javascript.) He even has his own bio page.

If you get a chance, check out the Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo. It's excellent. Everyone from Richard Hell to Flea to every SST band etc. etc. etc. is on it. Mike Watt is such a cool mofo. Plus, I never knew D. Boon's first name, and it is mine. Check out the galleries and Watt's Hootpage.

The Brick Testament teaches you about Biblical passages via legos (thanks Chris). My favorite section: The Law, which has useful advice such as "When to stone your children", "When to marry your sister-in-law", "When to stone your whole family", "How long to hang somebody", "Beastiality", etc. I hope none of the ladies I know are among the "women who menstruate" or they're going to have to start sacrificing a lot of doves and/or pigeons. Also, this other site wants you to be aware that hell is a very scary place, full of animated GIFs of hot burning fire, and the occasional infinitely looping twitching severed hand. Perhaps even a zombie face or two. But hope is not lost, as you can see from their tour of heaven, things are looking pretty soft-core porn up there. So which will it be: staring at the same zombie GIFs in hell forever, or an eternity of hot lesbian angels making out...you decide...

This pretty cool: old break dance flyers

And who knew being an adult baby could be so difficult.

Finally, some random pics:

Lil' Smiley! 

Bas Clas Halloween show 

Painting by Aletha 

Chadwick Invasion 

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rinky Dink flyers & The Dirty Cajuns

Drew, owner of the old Rinky Dink, sent some flyers. I missed the Bushwick Bill show. It must have been awesome. "Bitch, why you shot me in my eye? I'da shot you in the body..." I think I already mentioned it, but Drew has a band called The Dirty Cajuns. Some good folk country stuff.

Rudy Ray Moore 

Hank III 

2 Live Crew & Bushwick Bill 

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Some items from the Jenkins collection, & the new improved Grant Street district

Jenkins (of Blind Cavefish / The Bluebird Lounge / Metropolis fame) has dug up a few morsels. Check out the Dizzy flyer from Grant Street. How badass is that? And don't forget his band of hard workin' musicians that will book it for your kind appreciation. I also hear that Rusty Maynard is fine as wine. We also got a color Dambuilders flyer from probably 1995, and a photo of Mcbane exercising his precision rock chops for the screaming ladies at Juliana's. There are also an old AGKL print, and a few more flyers added to the zines and flyers pages.

Dizzy Gillespie @ Grant Street 

Dam Builders @ Metropolis 1995(?) 

Mcbane rocking the whammy bar w/ Blind Cavefish @ Juliana's  

If you haven't seen the UL CDW plan for downtown yet, check it out here (the Grant Street area). If I'm reading the drawing right, it looks like they're planning on levelling everything between the tracks and the Thruway. Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but that would be typical Lafayette planning. Piss away what little of the old character of an area remains and replace it with brand new blandness. They also have other bright ideas here. I know I'm being harsh, but given the city's track record for obliterating anything of historical value, I have little faith in community planning people. Does anyone else get the feeling that none of these guys ever live in the neighborhoods they're redesigning? And yes, I know I don't even live in Lafayette anymore so it's none of my damn business. But when has that ever stopped me from mouthing off?
Denny from Mccomb

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Andre Bienvenipple

Schickenbutt dug up the funniest photo of Andre from his Stan Brundy Function days:

The leather pantalones, the open Polo, and the rock'n'roll nipplage. Strike three, you're out.  

I also looked up Andrew Duplantis (who I think was in Stan Brundy if my memory serves me correctly) and he has played with a ton of well known bands. I knew he had played with Sugar in the past, but found out he also played with the Meat Puppets and Richard Buckner, and is currently with Jon Dee Graham, Alejandro Escovedo, Tia Carrera, and Son Volt. He busy.

Monday, June 06, 2005


I forgot to post this earlier. Behold: sexy Smaug vixen! (Thanks, J)

Smaug all up in the houze!!! 

Sorry, I am a slacker.

Ok, ok, I know I haven't posted anything for about a week. Bernard has been in town and I've been pretty busy. But I have been trying to organize some of the info I've been getting. I was planning on including Baton Rouge and New Orleans bands but the amount of info is rapidly getting out of hand. I'm just going to concentrate on the Lafayette area for now. I've started making this page on several of the old Lafayette bands. It's not even halfway done, but it's getting there. Eventually, I plan to get whatever links I can find posted along with mp3s for some.

Lafayette Local Entertainment has lots of info on current Lafayette bands. This is good, because it frees me up to concentrate on the older bands. I saw that Drew from the Rinky Dink has a band called The Dirty Cajuns. I'd been wondering what happened to that dude. Also, Told By an Idiot forums have a lot of info on current Lafayette bands, and some that are gone.