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Saturday, June 18, 2005

All of the Toxin III recordings are now on the web

Chris Cart has put all of the Toxin III recordings up on the web here. You can listen for free, so check them out, you will like. I'm partial to Middle Class. Most of these are from around 1982, I believe? I Rock, I Ran is still surprisingly relevant considering it was written almost 25 years ago. We just can't keep our noses out of the mid-east can we? And if I'm not mistaken, Rok n Rol is against the corporate music played on the radio. That definitely hasn't changed either. Chris is planning on eventually putting out a double 10" which is great news.

A friend of ours here in NYC just got her own show on WFMU (the main independent station in the city). Her name's Liz Berg, and she'll be on Tuesday mornings from 9AM to noon, so give her a listen if you get a chance. (WFMU archives all their shows, so you can listen whenever.) Me and Scott have been making a bunch of music CDs to try to get her to play some Louisiana stuff. By the way, WFMU is a great resource if you want to hear new music. If you want to hear a certain band, you can search their site, and if it was on a recent playlist, you can probably listen to the track from their archive. Frigg played live at the station in 2003 and Die Rotzz from NOLA played in 2004.


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1) Super Swank. . . 2) Sissy Strut. . . 3) Wild Tchoptoula. . . count'em. . . beats any. . . myspace dukos. . .

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