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Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Orleans and Baton Rouge pages are fixed (mostly)

The New Orleans and Baton Rouge band index pages are fixed and the flyers and photos are back up. Some of the links to external sites are still dead and I'm working on weeding those out. Also, I've started adding the info that people have sent in by email. Again, I appreciate the info from everyone, and apologize for being such a slacker. Anyway, here are the updated pages:

New Orleans band index A-M
New Orleans band index N-Z
New Orleans flyers (I still have about 40 more to add)
New Orleans band photos

Baton Rouge band index
Baton Rouge flyers
Baton Rouge band photos

photos from the 1978 Sex Pistols show at The Kingfish in Baton Rouge
photos from a Psychedelic Furs show in New Orleans in 1982
Men In Black photo gallery
The Normals photo gallery
RZA photo gallery
Wayward Youth photo gallery

For flyers and photos, I definitely prefer the gallery pages over the old directory listing like at Ripway. I's nice to be able to flip through them. The Baton Rouge pages are pretty bare as far as info, flyers, or photos, so if anyone has anything to add, please shoot me an email. I have some stuff to add from old emails, but not that much. Quite a bit of stuff for Lafayette and New Orleans though.

Does anyone know if this flyer is for the RIP from Lafayette? The flyer is from New Orleans. The Dungeons and Dragons illustration is awesome. I love it.


Anonymous Crack Daniel said...

Ultra Mega Super Swank Pics Of The X Pistols At THe 'Fish!!!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

Holy crap, somebody still reads this site!!

Yeah, the Sex Pistols photos are great, I forget where I found them. I think from here.

5:27 PM  
Blogger King Louie said...

Yes I got one of these and still know these guys very well!!! this show was a block away from Ocshner and got shut down! the first time I met Jimmy Bower ( EYE HATE GOD ) he was goin through the kid that lived theres record collection and playing all BLACK FLAG!!! They used my bass amp for the show too!!!

1:43 AM  

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