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Monday, March 27, 2006

Brooklyn music scene

I've been trying to check out as many bands as I can either online or live when they play here. Actually, I've been too broke to check out many of them live, but there are a couple of good weekly free shows I've been checking out, and a few are bands we've played with somewhere. Anyway, it's a complete pain in the ass to find the good bands here because there are so many shitty ones. It's kind of like the time your great dane swallowed your girlfriend's favorite earrings: you know there's something good in there somewhere, but you have to dig through a load of crap.

So with that in mind, here are 40 of the good ones that I've found. Mostly local stuff, but also some out-of-town bands that have played here. Of course, if your musical taste isn't ballpark of what mine is, you may think they all suck, but there's probably at least a few you will like. I always like hearing good new music, so hopefully you'll enjoy these. Maybe you peeps can keep me informed as to some of the good bands wherever you're at.

Anabolics: myspace (Brooklyn)
Angry Angles: myspace (Memphis)
The Assault: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Awesome Color: myspace (Brooklyn)
The Black Hollies: myspace (Jersey City)
Blue Rider: myspace (Brooklyn)
Broadband: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Buzz Buzz Tabernacle: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Call Me Lightning: website, myspace (Milwaukee)
Dansettes: website, myspace (NYC)
The Dead Betties: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
The Demands: website, myspace (NYC)
Department of Buildings: myspace (Brooklyn)
The Donkeys: myspace (San Diego)
El Jezel: website, myspace (Queens)
Federation X: website, myspace (Portland)
Fire in the Kitchen: website (NYC)
The Fools: myspace (NYC)
Fresh Kills: myspace (Brooklyn)
Goodnight Gunfight: myspace (Brooklyn)
Hundred Eyes: myspace (Brooklyn)
Edison Rocket Train: website (NYC)
Japanther: myspace (Brooklyn)
The King Khan BBQ Show: myspace (Montreal)
Leather Uppers: myspace (Toronto)
Life Partners: myspace (Boston)
Little Killers: myspace (Brooklyn) (that bass player could not be any more HOTTT, yes three T's)
Live Girls: website, myspace (NYC)
Lungs of a Giant: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Matt and Kim: myspace (Brooklyn)
Motico: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Oneida: myspace (Brooklyn)
Peelander-Z: myspace (NYC)
Pink Steel: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Purple Organ: website (NYC)
Shellshag: myspace (NYC)
Sir Richard Bishop: mp3 (Chicago?)
Telenovela Star: myspace (NYC)
Trachtenberg Family Slideshow: myspace (NYC)
Velvet: myspace (Chapel Hill)


Anonymous Jeremiah said...

Hey, I'm from Lafayette and live in Brooklyn. I'm in a band called Man In Gray. We're really good friends with El Jezel, actually.

a friend of mine just told me about this site. I'm gonna have to do some reading!

11:54 AM  
Blogger The Fatal said...

If you dig King Khan & BBQ, you should also check out Montreal's Demon's Claws, and the Magnetix from France

2:04 PM  

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