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Friday, June 10, 2005

Fell To Earth and some misc. stuff

Fluid is living in New Orleans and has apparently recently joined Fell To Earth. (Beware the excessive javascript.) He even has his own bio page.

If you get a chance, check out the Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo. It's excellent. Everyone from Richard Hell to Flea to every SST band etc. etc. etc. is on it. Mike Watt is such a cool mofo. Plus, I never knew D. Boon's first name, and it is mine. Check out the galleries and Watt's Hootpage.

The Brick Testament teaches you about Biblical passages via legos (thanks Chris). My favorite section: The Law, which has useful advice such as "When to stone your children", "When to marry your sister-in-law", "When to stone your whole family", "How long to hang somebody", "Beastiality", etc. I hope none of the ladies I know are among the "women who menstruate" or they're going to have to start sacrificing a lot of doves and/or pigeons. Also, this other site wants you to be aware that hell is a very scary place, full of animated GIFs of hot burning fire, and the occasional infinitely looping twitching severed hand. Perhaps even a zombie face or two. But hope is not lost, as you can see from their tour of heaven, things are looking pretty soft-core porn up there. So which will it be: staring at the same zombie GIFs in hell forever, or an eternity of hot lesbian angels making out...you decide...

This pretty cool: old break dance flyers

And who knew being an adult baby could be so difficult.

Finally, some random pics:

Lil' Smiley! 

Bas Clas Halloween show 

Painting by Aletha 

Chadwick Invasion 


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. . . if you wanna go to heaven. . . you gotta raise a lot of. . . hell. . .

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