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Monday, June 02, 2008

Louisiana underground music pages

I did some reorganizing of the pages on this site due to the amount of stuff that's accumulating and also so that google can index it better. Mainly, I had to split the New Orleans band page in half because it got too large, I added flyer lists so that the flyer details will get indexed by search engines, and I added indexes for the clubs and venues in different towns. Here's a rundown of the main pages.

The band index pages have been updated and should be mostly functional. Getting the NOLA pages fixed was a bear. There are still some dead links on the NOLA and BR pages.
Lafayette Band Index
New Orleans Band Index A-M
New Orleans Band Index N-Z
Baton Rouge Band Index

Flyer galleries (the NOLA gallery is getting kind of large):
Lafayette Flyer Gallery
New Orleans Flyer Gallery
Baton Rouge Flyer Gallery

Flyers listed by date, giving the bands and venues (I used a calendar and made an educated guess at the years for the flyers, but I'm probably wrong on some):
Lafayette Flyer List
New Orleans Flyer List
Baton Rouge Flyer List

Indexes for clubs and venues:
Lafayette Club Index
New Orleans Club Index
Baton Rouge Club Index

For additional stuff, see the main index page.


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