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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Frigg site with mp3s

Ok, I finally got off my ass and made a Frigg page. There are 5 mp3s here. Actually I'm jumping the gun a little, because soundclick probably won't approve them until tomorrow. I'll add a few more tracks later. A couple are from the old "My Girl's Alright" cassette, one is from a Scooch Pooch 7", and the others are from "The Penetrating Sounds of..." on the now defunct 360 Twist label. "The Winning Score" is still available from Scooch Pooch.

In case you didn't see them in the link list on the right side of the page, I've already made similar pages for Urbosleeks, Rare Avis, and Full Hank. The plan is to gradually either make soundclick or myspace pages for various old bands as we get more material from them. Also, while I was getting the stuff for the Frigg page, I realized that I'm mildly retarded. I was recording stuff from CDs in mono through the mic input on my laptop (which I have to do for tapes and vinyl) and then realized that I can just rip them straight to stereo mp3s from the cd drive. I'm an idgit. Anyway, I'll reupload the Rare Avis and Urbosleeks stuff that I already put up mono sometime this week.


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