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Monday, October 31, 2005

Santeria flyers from Dege

Dege sent in these Santeria flyers. The Hippy Death Cult and Elvis ones are badass! I'm not sure of what years these were from. Late 90's to early 00's (post-Metropolis) is the best I can say. Dege has some Santeria tracks and some of his solo stuff up on his Myspace page. He's also playing with Black Bayou Construktion and C.C. Adcock. As far as the other Santerians, Krishna lives in Florida and either just had or is about to have him a young'un, Jay lives in Queens and manages a clothing store, and Primo is still in La. apparently gardening and watching for UFOs.

Santeria at The Sidebar

Santeria at The Jumping Fish Cafe

Santeria with Strawboss at The Bank

Santeria with Urbosleeks, Frigg-a-go-go, and Rumble Fish at Grant Street Dancehall

Santeria with Deadboy and The Elephantmen at The Sidebar

Sunday, October 30, 2005

misc flyers and links

Here's some various stuff I've found while digging around on the web:

This Red Rockers at Tipitina's flyer is from Gigposters. I'm not sure of the year.

Sonic Youth at Howlin' Wolf in 1995. I got this flyer off of the Sonic Youth website.

Jimmy's Mardi Gras and Lil' Queenie and the Percolators at the Saenger Theater. These two flyers are both from 1981. I got them from rhumba.com. The music lineup includes The Sheiks, The Cold, The Meters, The Neville Brothers, and The Wild Tchopitoulas.

This is the artwork from an Elvis Costello bootleg recorded in 1977 half at Jed's in New Orleans and the other half in London. I'm not sure if the photos are from Jed's though.

This Earbleed Fest flyer is from Gigposters.

Nola Underground has a page with a lot of fliers on it. Some are fairly recent (I saw an Icepick Revival one) but there are some vintage hardcore ones like Shellshock and Graveyard Rodeo as well. They aren't individually downloadable though.

And the Mermaid Lounge site has several of their old calendars from 2002-04 still up.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Glenn Wilson flyers

I know I've probably overdone the flyers posts lately, but here are some more New Orleans ones done by Glenn Wilson. I guess they're all late 90's to the present. It looks like he mostly did flyers for Lounge Lizards. Anyway, they are:

Eldorado and the Ruckus, Decatur Street Blackouts, The Suture, Manwich at Lounge Lizards
Red Giant at Lounge Lizards
Pitts Vs. Preps, Egg Yolk Jubilee at Lounge Lizards
Eye Hate God at Lounge Lizards
Andre Williams, Rhodes D'Ablo, The Its at Lounge Lizards

Anybody know if the Red Giant flyer is for the Lafayette band Red Giant? I assume it is. If you want to see more of Glenn Wilson's flyers on Gigposters, click this link.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Orleans Underground: Sounds Below Sea Level benefit compilation

We finally got our shit together! The benefit compilation that Schickenbutt and I started working on after Katrina is finally ready. The website for it is here. The money we get from selling them is going to go to Habitat For Humanity and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. The tracks and layout have been finalized and we've just started making them. I've currently got about 100 burned and about half of those assembled (should have 200 by the weekend.) I also need to say thanks to JB and DJ Sheroq for printing the covers covertly at work. I won't say where that was, but let's just say that one is a supplier of ladies unmentionables to Walmart and the other is a well known fashion company. It's about time that mega-fashion corporations did something more socially significant than feeding cocaine to scrawny models and supplying WWF boxers to Wally World. So anyway, thanks unknowing corporate benefactors! We'll be at an open house for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council this weekend selling them. The rest we're going to start putting in stores around town and sending some to the bands and radio stations. We're updating the nolacomp site with all of the info about locations. Schickenbutt also set us up to sell them online through paypal. So we rollin now, son. You might even say we got us a convoy.

We got a great big convoy, rockin through the night
Yeah we got a great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight
Come on and join our convoy, ain't nothin gonna get in our way
Yeah we gonna roll this truckin convoy across the USA

Here's the track listing:
1. The Other Planets - Will You Adhere?
2. The Normals - My Hardcore
3. The Zydepunks - A Fistful of Oysters
4. Hazard County Girls - Sonic
5. Lump - Sammy
6. One Man Machine - Chinatown
7. Men In Black - Stages of Your Life
8. Burnversion - D-Trane
9. A Particularly Vicious Rumor - Everything
10. Die Rotzz - Glutton For Punishment
11. The Cold - Three Chord City
12. Wayward Youth - El Mundo (Is a Weirdo)
13. Morning 40 Federation - Gotta Nickel
14. Rotary Downs - Holiday Home
15. The Tea Sea - The House of Windsor
16. The Ramparts - Evacuation Route
17. Egg Yolk Jubilee - Dozena Huevos

How badass is this compilation? Well, let's just say that were this compilation to hypothetically get busted for shooting another compilation for snoring too loud, in prison this compilation would be running the cellblock. It's not your run of the mill wussyboy mama's comp. It's more of the shiv-wielding prison tat covered comp that's making beer out of orange peels in the toilet tank. That's right, our comp just called you a salad tossing bitch!

Hmm, that may not be the best approach for trying to sell this thing. I may have to rethink the marketing campaign.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NOLA flyers by Vance Kelly

Vance Kelly is another artist that has done a lot of NOLA flyers and posters. You can check out his stuff at Gigposters. It looks like he's done a lot for the Shim Sham Club, Twiropa, and Tipitina's. I'm guessing they're all from the late 90's to present. Cool artwork. Here are a few examples:

Southern Culture on the Skids at the Shim Sham Club
Helmet and Suplecs at Twiropa
Gogol Bordello and Morning 40 Federation at Twiropa
Galactic, G Love, and Special Sauce at the Contemporary Arts Center
Butthole Surfers and Kid Gog at Tipitina's

Monday, October 24, 2005

Allen Jaeger posters

Alen Jaeger has done a lot of flyers and posters for New Orleans shows. He's got a lot of stuff on his site (www.allenjaeger.com) from 1994-present. You can also check out his stuff at Gigposters. Here are a few examples:

Ween at House of Blues
Misfits, Impotent Sea Snakes, Murphy's Law, and Primitive Reason at House of Blues
Super Joint Ritual and Soilent Green at Tipitina's
Mr. Bungle and Melt Banana at Howlin' Wolf
Killing Joke and Stabbing Westward at Tipitina's
Ween and Medeski Martin and Wood at State Palace Theater

Sunday, October 23, 2005

more Toxin III photos

Here are some more pictures of Toxin III from Chris's Zorpia site. These are of the circa 1983 lineup.

Toxin III hanging out in the rubbish bin. L to R: Cecil Doyle, Ronnie Stevens, Chachi Richardson, Chris Cart.

Cecil B. DeMillion, a.k.a Cecil Doyle, now music director at KRVS.

Ronnie Stevens.

Chachi Richardson, looking like he's about 15.

Toxin III at the dumpster again. L to R: Chachi Richardson, Cecil Doyle, Chris Cart, Ronnie Stevens.

I put these photos in with the other Toxin III stuff here.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Naked Lady flyers

Today's theme is "New Orleans bands are a bunch of pervs". As evidence, I present this batch of flyers:

Lethal Injection, The Luxurious Panthers, and Dickslap at The Nest,
Gerry and the Bastardmakers, Sometimes Y, and Seizure Boy at Cafe Istanbul,
Men In Black, The Ingots, and Head Pro at The Fauborg Center,
Headwoundz, Stephie and the White Sox, and The Girls at Dixie Tavern,
Suicide King at Monaco Bob's,
and another version for the same Men In Black show.

I should also say that as a fellow perv, I say this only with the utmost respect. Long live boobies!

By the way, these are all from Gigposters via Curtis.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy B-day

By the way, Happy Birthday, hippy. You're lucky I don't have a picture of you running around naked as a kid.

More art from Dana

Here are some more of Dana Smith's paintings. There are more paintings at this page. Also flyers, t-shirt designs, etc. via his site.



Houston On Fire


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Flyers from Curtis

Curtis Cottrell posted these flyers on Gigposters.com. I don't know if he did these later or if I just missed them the first time I looked, but there are a bunch more now. Sonic Youth and Culturecide at Jimmy's, Celtic Frost, Voivod, and Running Wild at Jimmy's, The Backsliders at Benny's, and The Flaming Lips and Masters of the Obvious at Banana's. I'm not sure of the years on these, except for the Sonic Youth flyer which must have been 1986. That show is listed on Sonic Youth's website.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

flyers from Devil Dolls shows

These flyers are from N.O. Punks and are apparently originally from 504whatstyle. They're all from Devil Dolls shows, which I guess was maybe a promoter? Anyway, Eveready, At The Drive-in, Nazmo King, and Mess at Monaco Bob's in 1999, Kilara, Hawg Jaw, and I spit On Your Corpse at Swarm H.Q. in 1992, New Bomb Turks and The Ramparts at State Palace Theater in 1999, NOFX, No Use For a Name, and Teen Idols at Jimmy's in 1998. There are more here.