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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tickle Dracula show archive

I'm playing in a band in NYC called Tickle Dracula. I made an archive page for Tickle Dracula shows if anyone is interested. It's kind of inspired by the tour logs that bands like Poster Children have made. I just thought it would be good to have a record of what went on for posterity. It's just a listing of dates, locations, other acts, photos, and a little blurb about most of the shows. Anyway, if you want to check it out, it's here.

Haunted PussyHaunted Pussy

Dunyana Dance EnsembleDunyana Dance Ensemble (bellydancers)

The Purple Organ


Tickle Dracula

Friday, November 25, 2005

R.I.P., Johnny Fasullo "The Ragin' Cajun"

I got some bad news from a comment on an old post. The Ragin Cajun Johnny Fasullo died Sunday. He hosted a cajun music show on WWOZ. There are obituaries here and here.

Johnny was the best. He played great Cajun music, but what you really listened to his show for was to hear Johnny. Do you remember the coach's assistant on Waterboy that no one could tell what he was saying, and you were thinking, "that's such bullshit, no one down here talks like that." Johnny talked like that. It's weird, he had a totally different accent from what we're used to on the west side of the swamp. He'd be telling the most awesome incomprehensible jokes in between songs and I would always be trying my hardest to remember them so I could bust them out at opportune times later. I always forgot them and wish I had written some down. Pretty much every sentence was interspersed with a "all right nah" or a "hoo wee I tell ya". I also always wanted to make a Johnny Fasullo soundboard but I think that's pretty inappropriate now.

Anyway, R.I.P. Johnny Fasullo, you were the most entertaining person on WWOZ for me. You will be missed. I wonder if Christian or somebody at WWOZ can dig up some clips of Johnny.

This is the only picture of him I can find:

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Earth humans. Stop being so goddamn white.

Pardon the personal rambling.

Have you ever been stuck on a train or bus or whatever with people who are just too white for their own good? You know, the ones who are talking entirely too loud about trivial shit completely unaware of how annoyingly white they are? (In the voice of Mr. Howell from Gilligan's Island:) "I'm torn between which ringtone I should get... the White Stripes, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. What do you think?" or "I've been searching all of the Apple stores for a Christmas themed Ipod sock for my pod. It's so frustrating." I was on the subway the other day next to a couple of those. I was thinking to myself, "shutthefuckup shutthefuckup shutthefuckup please god either strike them mute or strike me deaf" when I looked up and noticed that they were both black. Im not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, I'm glad that they showed me that whiteness isn't necessarily genetic and probably has more to do with how one is raised, giving me hope that one day I will be able to throw off the shackles of my utterly honky upbringing. But on the other hand, I was saddened by the realization that honkiness is apparently contagious. And it's spreading. Someone notify the CDC.What if I'm a carrier? That's a scary thought.

Here's another disturbing event. I was using the pisser at school and some guy came in after me and was about five pissers down. While I was washing my hands, I noticed that he went straight from the urinals to the electric hand dryer. Ugh. Nasty fucker is running around with dried pee crust on his hand. That makes me think about how potentially disgusting shaking someone's hand is. Do you even want to know what that hand has been up to? When you got that promotion at work and shook your boss's hand, you basically shook your boss's balls. When that bum comes up to you at the train station and shakes your hand before he hits you up for "38 cent", you probably just shook pigeon roadkill AND numerous bum balls. And don't even get me started on that time you met Ann Coulter. Come on, people, a little hygiene isn't going to kill you. I at least have the decency to wash my hands after I give a bum a handjob.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

504 What Style

L.S. Williams has a lot of cool stuff up at his site, 504 What Style. He's done flyers for Devil Dolls and The Shim Sham Club, plus merchandise designs for Hazard County Girls, Manwich, Suplecs, and others. Check out his art here and more posters here. You can also see some of his flyers on Gigposters. Here are a few examples:

Suplecs and Hazard County Girls at One Eyed Jacks on Nov. 26th

Post-Katrina t-shirt design


Luv Dat Chick-n

"Luv Dat Chick-n" is FRIGGING AWESOME. And I like the fuck you FEMA part on the shirt design. It looks like he's got several shows going on in New Orleans, if you're down that-a-way.

Monday, November 21, 2005

various links

Dege has put up an archive of Santeria flyers on Saneria's golarwash page. He's also got some cool stuff on his myspace blog. I recommend this one about Voodoo Fest. The part about CC Adcock is funny as hell. Also check out the latest in his Anatomy of a Scream series. The part with the carny lingo is the shit! On a shitty note, some assholes stole his puppies. Un-fucking-believable.

Vicky at Oddfellows posted some photos and an account of The Psychedelic Furs at Jimmy's in 1982. Cool stuff. Vicky earlier also posted this list of old New Orleans bands.

Bernard Pearce has gotten an artist residency with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of their Gulf Coast Artists Residency program. The program is designed to give displaced artists workspace and a stipend so that they can continue their work here in NYC. His space is in a loft in Tribeca and it is seriously sweet.

Carl added more songs to the Hand Bob the Spoon page. If I'm not mistaken, that's a mohawk sporting Chadwick in one of those photos.

I was looking for references to Slim's Y-Ki-Ki in Lawtell and found this page on Hiram Sampy. That info is from the LSUE music pages which has a lot of info on Cajun and Zydeco artists.

This is kind of old, but check out this angry black man dissing on Chuck Huebner. I thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Halloween photos

Here are some belated Halloween photos. The only Louisiana people in them are Jill Breaux and Spencer Hebert. I'm the Cap'n. Since I'm violating all of my own posting rules, check out this midi file of the Hello Acadiana TV 10 song. Perfect for aggravation purposes.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One Man Machine, Die Rotzz, Weekenders

Here are a couple of Louisiana related photos.

Bernard a.k.a. One Man Machine was up here in September and played at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn. The audience was completely polarized by his performance. Half of them were loving it, and the other half had an expression of complete horror. It was great. He was joined that night by our very own Schickenbutt. Here are some shots:

Also Die Rotzz was up here in October. Here are a couple of photos from their October 10th show at Siberia in Manhattan. They tore it up.

The Weekenders also played that night. They're not from Louisiana, but I'm including them because they're hot. These little ladies know how to TC of some serious B.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Treacherous Cretins trainwreck

Since I've been making fun of everybody else so much lately, I guess I should probably post something about my not-so-glorious past accomplishments. I stuck a track from my high school band, The Treacherous Cretins, on my myspace page. We were me, Bob Gardner, Paul Buswell, Kelly Van Eaton, sometimes Eric Johnson, sometimes Cody Bowen, and a few other various singers. We were named after a Frank Zappa song.

Here's a little trivia for you: we were the first Lafayette band to apply the scientific method to the art of sucking. We could not only suck worse than your band, but we could prove it both empirically and mathematically. Anyway, check out the track, it's "My Girl", and has the most awesomely awful guitar solo ever (courtesy of me.) We've got another song called Eric Zone that makes fun of our singer Eric Johnson's cheezy pickup techniques. I put it on the Lafayette mp3 page. It's a total train wreck. Cody is the son of ex-mayor Kenny Bowen. We also briefly had this coonass guy from Cade as our singer. He always wanted to cover Nazareth songs and would bring over his girlfriend (who we affectionately called "the bimbo") with her kid and they would try to get my mom to watch her baby while they went to the mall.

We were previously called something else that I can't remember and had Charles Rees on bass. We did the old faithful weasel technique of breaking the band up, and then reforming the next day without him under a new name. Well, check out our embarrassing past.

On another note, I got an email from Colby Foreman, and he said that Mark Laurent was in a car accident and died. Mark is Mireille Laurent's older brother. Anyway, rest in peace, Mark.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fiddycentdraft Lafayette band whore awards

Ok, I don't mean groupies who sleep with band members. I mean musicians who were in a zillion bands. A recent post got me thinking about how many frigging bands a lot of the people I knew had been in. Some people seemed like their mission was to join as many bands as possible.

Thusly, I present to you a ranked list of who were the biggest heauxs, at least in the up to about 1999 period. It's based on the Lafayette band page info, which isn't complete, so it's probably not particularly accurate. I expect that there are numerous guys from hardcore bands that could easily top this, especially considering that the usual lifespan of a hardcore band seemed like it was about 2 weeks.

There are the usual suspects, and a few surprises. I had my money on Steve Miller, but he isn't even in the top five. And Deshazo doesn't even make the list?? How can this be? I think Urbosleeks should have been named the Lafayette Band Heaux Allstars. Between the five of them, I count 19 other bands that they were also in. I'm not on the list (I was a wannabe slut.)

The only requirement here is that the ho suspect must have played at least one show with the band under the pretense of actually joining the band (and not just as a guest musician.) Scott Emmer and Brian Fruge top the list as Class 7 Heauxs, with Chris Cart, Jason Robira, and Ricky Williams right behind them at Class 6 heaux-ness. It's a regular band ho photo finish, folks! I expect that new info and litigation could change these results considerably.

Here are the lucky winners:

Reigning champions Scott Emmer and Brian Fruge. If you're going to let them join your band, make sure you wrap that rascal. They've been with everybody.
7 Scott Emmer: Afangulo, The Finished, Flesh Logs, Nihilist Stormtroopers, Rare Avis, Sanpakus, Toxic Youth
7 Brian Fruge: Afangulo, Bubba Daddy, Flesh Logs, Sanpakus, Sound, Toxic Youth, Urbosleeks

Runner-ups: Level 6 heauxs Chris Cart, Jason Robira, and Ricky Williams.
6 Chris Cart: Awesome Possum, Bubba Daddy, Otis, Reality On Trial, Snufflix, Toxin III
6 Jason Robira: Brown Idol, Fountainhead, Full Hank, Sanpakus, Slow Motion, Urbosleeks
6 Ricky Williams: Afangulo, Blitzkrieg, Bubba Daddy, Otis, Piece Core, Santeria

Here are the rest of the results. Basically it's people who were in at least three bands before they got out of Dodge. I left the people with 2 bands on the list because I suspect they were in a lot more bands than that. Anyway, I think 3 or 4 bands is probably your average musician heauxocity, so to really become a heavy hitter of heauxitude, you've probably got to be at least a fiver.

5 Steven Miller: Fountainhead, Hekatomic Cherries, Meat Dingys, Smites, Urbosleeks
4 Fluid Broussard: August Spies, Fountainhead, Strawboss, Urbosleeks
4 Bernard Pearce: The Finished, Frigg-a-go-go, Slow Motion, Yellow Dye #5
4 Jean Torres: Liplovers, Oktober Groundfly, Rare Avis, The Ryans
4 Jason Trahan: Fountainhead, Rare Avis, Three Guys Plumbing, Urbosleeks
3 Wes Bennett: Afangulo, Blitzkrieg, Piece Core
3 Andre Bienvenue: Bubba Daddy, Sanpakus, Stan Brundy Function
3 Chris Breaux: Gin and Tonics, Heads of State, Stitch
3 Jay Burton: Dire Wood, Hekatomic Cherries, Meat Dingys
3 Benny Hasha: Bluerunners, Heads of State, Stitch
3 Krishna Kasturi: Bubba Daddy, Santeria, Zen Bastards
3 Steve Kerin: Brittle Star, Megatron Jones, Smaug
3 Mike Mcbane: Blind Cavefish, Bluerunners, Brown Idol
3 Scott Olivier: Blind Cavefish, Kevin Sekhani Band, One Hand Clapping
3 Ryan Pankratz: Afangulo, Icepick Revival, Santeria
3 Jay Torres: Oktober Groundfly, Rare Avis, The Ryans
3 Kenny Vallot: Chronicles of Hate, Resent, Zen Bastards
2 Chris Deshazo: Frigg-a-go-go, Heads of State
2 Danny Devillier: Blind Cavefish, Smaug
2 Goose: Heads of State, Stitch
2 Jared Sonnier: August Spies, Chainsaw Sex Vikings
2 Supersex: Afangulo, August Spies

Who will unseat Emmer and Fruge from their his/her thrones?

Friday, November 11, 2005

scene report from 1984 Maximum Rocknroll

Both of these are from Margaret.

This is from the December 1984 Maximum Rocknroll. It's a Louisiana scene report by Chris Cart. It's got a photo of Reality On Trial (maybe at John's?) and a review of a show in Baton Rouge by the LSU campus. Plus some info on clubs and other bands, and an ad for Sorehead Productions. I'll convert the text to HTML so it's easier to read when I get a chance.

This is a another old zine from Monroe called Harsh Reality. I never hear of anything from back then from North Louisiana, but if they had a zine, then there had to be something going on.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drayton Sawyer photos

These are photos of our friends Drayton Sawyer Gang from the same party as the Stinking Lizaveta shots. (It was in September, just got the film developed.) Suffice it to say, they are LOUD. As in, if they play in a small space, bleeding eardrums loud. Jason (guitar/howling/molester moustache), Lily (bass/keys/outfits), and Ryan (drums/grimacing/Charles Bronson trivia). Jason plays crazy noise guitar reminiscent of sawing through the neck with an electric can opener. (In a good way.) Lily is HOTTT (three t's), like a punk rock barbie doll. I saw them at North Six once when I was really drunk and stoned and she was in this nurse outfit. Gardez donc, ca c'est bon. I partially blame Fruge and his evil potweed for my delinquency. I used to be such a good boy. The drummer Ryan, is Jilbro's main man. He played with Mezzanine C14 for a while and they recorded an album with Bob Weston (Shellac). Anyway, he is high on many things, but life is not one of them. Thai food, early Metallica, and pain killers would be my guess.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stinking Lizaveta in Brooklyn

Here are some photos of Stinking Lizaveta playing at a rooftop party at a loft in Bushwick. I thought the photos would have come out better with the city in the background but you can barely tell. Ze bummer. Regardless, Lizaveta tore it up. The party was a benefit for New Orleans and had a bunch of bands, graffiti dudes, a kissing booth, a fondling booth, a bunch of dogs, illegal liquor sales, a bunch of drunk underage kids, and no bathroom. Twas a good time. Just thought you might like to see the pics, since SL used to play in Lafayette it seemed like about every two weeks. Just looked at their site and it looks like they just did.

Monday, November 07, 2005

cats. tats. gats.

Well, I'm not exactly Mr. Myspace or anything, but I was screwing around on it tonight instead of studying and stumbled across Mike Mcbane's page. He also put up a soundclick site for his late 90's Austin band Eureka. Check out what he was doing in his post-Lafayette days. Mike also played with the Blind Cavefish, The Bluerunners, and Full Hank off and on. It's been a while since I've seen Mike, but I've always envisioned that he would be living in some windowless Austin basement surrounded by piles of used vacuum tubes and partially dismantled guitar amps only venturing out at night to get quadruple espressos from some decrepit coffee shop/laundromat. I don't think I was too far off. He's also been posting pictures of his CATS. Even I know that myspace is not the place for photos of your cats.

Here are some standard myspace photo topics:
- your tats
- your cleavage
- making the devil sign or gang signs at the camera
- making gang signs while showing off your tats and cleavage
- you sitting at your computer in your underwear staring sullenly at something off camera
- holding up a 40 or bottle of something (to show that you like to party)
- you with a hot female (to create the appearance that you do in fact get some action even though that's probably not the case)
- (if you're a dude) your dog, but only if it's tough and has tats
- (if you're a chick) your dog, but only if it weighs under two pounds and is staring into the camera like it's retarded
- (if you're married) your two golden retrievers (married white people are required by law to own two golden retrievers)
- wearing the t-shirt of your favorite band
- halloween costumes (trucker hat and a wig (male) or sexy-whatever (female))
- closeups of your balls that are so closeup that no one can tell what it is so myspace won't ban you

Ok, maybe I made that last one up. But you get the point. TATS, NOT CATS. Furthermore, he mentions his association with quiz bowl in high school. I don't even really know what the hell that was, but I remember it being pretty much the social equivalent of Off! for the ladies.

Now, as you can see, Jerry Faulk has the right idea. Tats. Unfortunately, he also mentions that his favorite band is Queensryche and his Battlestar Galactica fetish. But then again, we're probably getting to the point where 80's metal is about to be retro cool, so maybe he's on to something.

And Joy Chubb, who I used to have a crush on, is now divorced and posting half naked pictures of her ass-tats. See, that's what the internet was designed for.

I think basically if you can find a way to post a picture of yourself making gang signs while drinking a 40 in your underwear and vintage WASP t-shirt showing off your cleavage tat (that says "LOL") while riding your golden retrievers, you win and the internet starts over.

Here are some myspace photos:

Mike's cat. (Cat photos are only allowed if you're an older single lady and insane.)

Joy's ass-tat.

Lil' Murder's gat. (from Skip's page)

Chimento's van looks like shat.

Here are a few more tips on making the kewlest myspace page ever:
- Try to end every photo description with LOL!!!!!!!!!!! The coolness of anything on the internet is directly proportional to LPP (LOLs per page).
- When listing music influences, be sure to include every band that you've ever heard in your life. If it takes two full screens to scroll past them, then that's about right.
- Include the results from your latest "which Star Wars character am I?" quiz ("I'm C3PO LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!") and for god's sake don't forget to include your hilarious 1000 line chatlogs as your blog entries.
- Make a shitty "thanks 4 the add" thumbnail. Nothing adds that personal touch to a comment quite like a blinking spam gif with a band's website across it.
- Don't forget the background midi!