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Friday, November 25, 2005

R.I.P., Johnny Fasullo "The Ragin' Cajun"

I got some bad news from a comment on an old post. The Ragin Cajun Johnny Fasullo died Sunday. He hosted a cajun music show on WWOZ. There are obituaries here and here.

Johnny was the best. He played great Cajun music, but what you really listened to his show for was to hear Johnny. Do you remember the coach's assistant on Waterboy that no one could tell what he was saying, and you were thinking, "that's such bullshit, no one down here talks like that." Johnny talked like that. It's weird, he had a totally different accent from what we're used to on the west side of the swamp. He'd be telling the most awesome incomprehensible jokes in between songs and I would always be trying my hardest to remember them so I could bust them out at opportune times later. I always forgot them and wish I had written some down. Pretty much every sentence was interspersed with a "all right nah" or a "hoo wee I tell ya". I also always wanted to make a Johnny Fasullo soundboard but I think that's pretty inappropriate now.

Anyway, R.I.P. Johnny Fasullo, you were the most entertaining person on WWOZ for me. You will be missed. I wonder if Christian or somebody at WWOZ can dig up some clips of Johnny.

This is the only picture of him I can find:


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