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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drayton Sawyer photos

These are photos of our friends Drayton Sawyer Gang from the same party as the Stinking Lizaveta shots. (It was in September, just got the film developed.) Suffice it to say, they are LOUD. As in, if they play in a small space, bleeding eardrums loud. Jason (guitar/howling/molester moustache), Lily (bass/keys/outfits), and Ryan (drums/grimacing/Charles Bronson trivia). Jason plays crazy noise guitar reminiscent of sawing through the neck with an electric can opener. (In a good way.) Lily is HOTTT (three t's), like a punk rock barbie doll. I saw them at North Six once when I was really drunk and stoned and she was in this nurse outfit. Gardez donc, ca c'est bon. I partially blame Fruge and his evil potweed for my delinquency. I used to be such a good boy. The drummer Ryan, is Jilbro's main man. He played with Mezzanine C14 for a while and they recorded an album with Bob Weston (Shellac). Anyway, he is high on many things, but life is not one of them. Thai food, early Metallica, and pain killers would be my guess.


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