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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

504 What Style

L.S. Williams has a lot of cool stuff up at his site, 504 What Style. He's done flyers for Devil Dolls and The Shim Sham Club, plus merchandise designs for Hazard County Girls, Manwich, Suplecs, and others. Check out his art here and more posters here. You can also see some of his flyers on Gigposters. Here are a few examples:

Suplecs and Hazard County Girls at One Eyed Jacks on Nov. 26th

Post-Katrina t-shirt design


Luv Dat Chick-n

"Luv Dat Chick-n" is FRIGGING AWESOME. And I like the fuck you FEMA part on the shirt design. It looks like he's got several shows going on in New Orleans, if you're down that-a-way.


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Bad ass shit!

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