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Friday, October 28, 2005

Glenn Wilson flyers

I know I've probably overdone the flyers posts lately, but here are some more New Orleans ones done by Glenn Wilson. I guess they're all late 90's to the present. It looks like he mostly did flyers for Lounge Lizards. Anyway, they are:

Eldorado and the Ruckus, Decatur Street Blackouts, The Suture, Manwich at Lounge Lizards
Red Giant at Lounge Lizards
Pitts Vs. Preps, Egg Yolk Jubilee at Lounge Lizards
Eye Hate God at Lounge Lizards
Andre Williams, Rhodes D'Ablo, The Its at Lounge Lizards

Anybody know if the Red Giant flyer is for the Lafayette band Red Giant? I assume it is. If you want to see more of Glenn Wilson's flyers on Gigposters, click this link.


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