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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Naked Lady flyers

Today's theme is "New Orleans bands are a bunch of pervs". As evidence, I present this batch of flyers:

Lethal Injection, The Luxurious Panthers, and Dickslap at The Nest,
Gerry and the Bastardmakers, Sometimes Y, and Seizure Boy at Cafe Istanbul,
Men In Black, The Ingots, and Head Pro at The Fauborg Center,
Headwoundz, Stephie and the White Sox, and The Girls at Dixie Tavern,
Suicide King at Monaco Bob's,
and another version for the same Men In Black show.

I should also say that as a fellow perv, I say this only with the utmost respect. Long live boobies!

By the way, these are all from Gigposters via Curtis.


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