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Sunday, October 30, 2005

misc flyers and links

Here's some various stuff I've found while digging around on the web:

This Red Rockers at Tipitina's flyer is from Gigposters. I'm not sure of the year.

Sonic Youth at Howlin' Wolf in 1995. I got this flyer off of the Sonic Youth website.

Jimmy's Mardi Gras and Lil' Queenie and the Percolators at the Saenger Theater. These two flyers are both from 1981. I got them from rhumba.com. The music lineup includes The Sheiks, The Cold, The Meters, The Neville Brothers, and The Wild Tchopitoulas.

This is the artwork from an Elvis Costello bootleg recorded in 1977 half at Jed's in New Orleans and the other half in London. I'm not sure if the photos are from Jed's though.

This Earbleed Fest flyer is from Gigposters.

Nola Underground has a page with a lot of fliers on it. Some are fairly recent (I saw an Icepick Revival one) but there are some vintage hardcore ones like Shellshock and Graveyard Rodeo as well. They aren't individually downloadable though.

And the Mermaid Lounge site has several of their old calendars from 2002-04 still up.


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