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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Orleans Underground: Sounds Below Sea Level benefit compilation

We finally got our shit together! The benefit compilation that Schickenbutt and I started working on after Katrina is finally ready. The website for it is here. The money we get from selling them is going to go to Habitat For Humanity and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. The tracks and layout have been finalized and we've just started making them. I've currently got about 100 burned and about half of those assembled (should have 200 by the weekend.) I also need to say thanks to JB and DJ Sheroq for printing the covers covertly at work. I won't say where that was, but let's just say that one is a supplier of ladies unmentionables to Walmart and the other is a well known fashion company. It's about time that mega-fashion corporations did something more socially significant than feeding cocaine to scrawny models and supplying WWF boxers to Wally World. So anyway, thanks unknowing corporate benefactors! We'll be at an open house for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council this weekend selling them. The rest we're going to start putting in stores around town and sending some to the bands and radio stations. We're updating the nolacomp site with all of the info about locations. Schickenbutt also set us up to sell them online through paypal. So we rollin now, son. You might even say we got us a convoy.

We got a great big convoy, rockin through the night
Yeah we got a great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight
Come on and join our convoy, ain't nothin gonna get in our way
Yeah we gonna roll this truckin convoy across the USA

Here's the track listing:
1. The Other Planets - Will You Adhere?
2. The Normals - My Hardcore
3. The Zydepunks - A Fistful of Oysters
4. Hazard County Girls - Sonic
5. Lump - Sammy
6. One Man Machine - Chinatown
7. Men In Black - Stages of Your Life
8. Burnversion - D-Trane
9. A Particularly Vicious Rumor - Everything
10. Die Rotzz - Glutton For Punishment
11. The Cold - Three Chord City
12. Wayward Youth - El Mundo (Is a Weirdo)
13. Morning 40 Federation - Gotta Nickel
14. Rotary Downs - Holiday Home
15. The Tea Sea - The House of Windsor
16. The Ramparts - Evacuation Route
17. Egg Yolk Jubilee - Dozena Huevos

How badass is this compilation? Well, let's just say that were this compilation to hypothetically get busted for shooting another compilation for snoring too loud, in prison this compilation would be running the cellblock. It's not your run of the mill wussyboy mama's comp. It's more of the shiv-wielding prison tat covered comp that's making beer out of orange peels in the toilet tank. That's right, our comp just called you a salad tossing bitch!

Hmm, that may not be the best approach for trying to sell this thing. I may have to rethink the marketing campaign.


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