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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stephen Williams and Sound mp3s

I uploaded a few more songs to the mp3 page. There are two tracks from Stephen Williams' stuff, one called Zigzag Wanderer and another with Richard Grant, Charles Babineaux, and Rob Lejeune called Slow Burn Victims' Rights. I also put up a track by Sound which is off of a KRVS compilation. I believe Sound was Brian Fruge, Zack and Christina, and I don't know who else. There is a bunch more stuff on that KRVS cd so I'll put some more up later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these up they sound great- hey, I helped make 'em I should know, huh?

Couple of changes- it's "Stephan" just in case any one's looking for me to send me money.

And on Slow Burn Victim's Rights Rob's not there, switch him out with Ryan Leblanc. Same initials, different guys.


2:05 PM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

A-ight, I changed the info on the Soundclick page. Should be correctamundo now.

7:54 PM  

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