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Monday, July 04, 2005

music sources

About the CD I sent to the radio stations, here's a list of where I got the stuff from if anyone wants to listen or download the stuff.

Amazing Nuns - here (Bronson is in it)
Bas Clas - here, and here (70's through the 80's band from Lafayette)
Black Bayou Construktion - here
Dege Legg, Collapsar, Amazing Nuns, Dirty Cajuns, Liquidrone, The Transmission, etc. etc. etc. - here
Brown Idol, Icepick Revival, Meat Dingys, Megatron Jones, Oktober Groundfly, Rage, Smites, Strawboss, Three Guys Plumbing, etc. etc. etc. - here
Buns - here (Baton Rouge late 70's early 80's)
Collapsar - here (ex-Icepick)
Die Rotzz - here (New Orleans punk)
Dirty Cajuns - here (Drew from the Rinky Dink)
Frigg - here
Full Hank - here
Rare Avis - here
Urbosleeks - here
Hekatomic Cherries - here
Icepick Revival - here and here
Lord Waverly - here (New Orleans)
One Man Machine - here (Bernard from Metropolis)
Sanpakus - here
Santeria - here
Toxin III - here (late 70's early 80's from Crowley)
Thunderpants - here (ex-hekatomics)
The Transmission - here
Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade - here (Baton Rouge)
Zenbilly - here (Baton Rouge, ex-full hank)
Zoomers - here (late 70's early 80's Baton Rouge)
Zuider Zee - here (mid 70's from Lafayette)

I made some index sheets to go with it, so maybe I'll convert it to html. I doubt it though. It ended up being 3 cds worth and was kind of a pain in the ass.

But speaking of old Louisiana stuff, check out this site which has 3 tracks from an old NOLA compilation and two others. The Skinnies track is badass! And I finally got to hear the Shitdogs. Strange Reaction is a very cool site. I found all kinds of obscure stuff. Like a Big Black track that was only distributed with a magazine, Black Flag demos, a cool Red Cross EP, the first Bad Brains "Pay to Cum", etc. etc. etc.


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