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Monday, June 02, 2008

Louisiana underground music pages

I did some reorganizing of the pages on this site due to the amount of stuff that's accumulating and also so that google can index it better. Mainly, I had to split the New Orleans band page in half because it got too large, I added flyer lists so that the flyer details will get indexed by search engines, and I added indexes for the clubs and venues in different towns. Here's a rundown of the main pages.

The band index pages have been updated and should be mostly functional. Getting the NOLA pages fixed was a bear. There are still some dead links on the NOLA and BR pages.
Lafayette Band Index
New Orleans Band Index A-M
New Orleans Band Index N-Z
Baton Rouge Band Index

Flyer galleries (the NOLA gallery is getting kind of large):
Lafayette Flyer Gallery
New Orleans Flyer Gallery
Baton Rouge Flyer Gallery

Flyers listed by date, giving the bands and venues (I used a calendar and made an educated guess at the years for the flyers, but I'm probably wrong on some):
Lafayette Flyer List
New Orleans Flyer List
Baton Rouge Flyer List

Indexes for clubs and venues:
Lafayette Club Index
New Orleans Club Index
Baton Rouge Club Index

For additional stuff, see the main index page.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shout outs

Ok, I've been slacking again, but the site has been updated with a bunch of info that various folks have been kind enough to send in.

Ron from Disappointed Parents sent in their myspace page. They're currently looking for a drummer.

John V sent in info on Stephie and The White Sox, The Plague, Sx Tension, Voodoo Parade, and Graveyard Rodeo. Stephie and The White Sox are doing a reunion show June 21st at Hi Ho Lounge along with legendary singer Dave Turgen from The Sluts. He also sent a cool photo of Stephie and he from 2007.

Sean Morrogh sent in info on No More Fun and Master Sleestak and The Power Crystals. Master Sleestak opened for Alice Donut at The Bayou in Lafayette back in 1992. That was an awesome show. No More Fun featured Danny Hall's cousin and skateboard legend George Brown on drums.

Douglas D sent in info on The Backbeats, Apt. B, The Limit, and The Normals. The Backbeats and Apt. B featured Vance Degeneres of The Daily Show fame. The info has been added to the New Orleans band page. Actually, the New Orleans page got so large I had to split it in half. Now there is a page for New Orleans bands A-M and a page for New Orleans bands N-Z.

Danny Dickson sent in info on Star, Nova, The Models, and Human Drama. See the New Orleans pages for info on these bands.

Steve Kerin sent in an awesome photo of Havoc from 1987. That's Mitch Reed to the right, back before he was a local fiddle master. He was a hell of a bass player. He and I both used to take jazz lessons from a weird boat captain dude. Steve also played with Smaug, Megatron Jones, and Black Bayou Construktion, among others. Scott olivier now lives in Austin last I heard. Here is his site.

Skip Bolen sent in info on The Front. The Front featured Carlos Boll of The Skinnies. I also think he owned 'Lectric Eye Records, which was one of the original New Orleans punk labels. I'm not sure if The Front was before or after the Skinnies.

Troy sent in info on Gangster, Hoax, Latem Yvaeh, Paragon, Warlock, Tolerance, and Hostage. I remember seeing Gangster on the roof of The Keg at Mardi Gras. Aw what!

Thanks to Wes Whipp for the info on Strawboss, Jivin Sister Fanny, and Sid's Ride Home.

Mucho gracias to Tim Parrish for the info on Harry Dog and the Fleas, Human Rayz, Lower Chakras, The Irascibles, and several other Baton Rouge bands and clubs. Check out his article "Rockadoozy DIY".

Thanks to Sasha R for info on Sauced. Also, she may have some Zen Bastards photos. We have a few in this gallery.

Gary Attardo sent a ton of info on Star, Lynx, White Tiger, The Models, The Red Rockers, and many other bands. Thanks!

There is a lot more stuff to add,I just haven't gotten to it yet.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Orleans and Baton Rouge pages are fixed (mostly)

The New Orleans and Baton Rouge band index pages are fixed and the flyers and photos are back up. Some of the links to external sites are still dead and I'm working on weeding those out. Also, I've started adding the info that people have sent in by email. Again, I appreciate the info from everyone, and apologize for being such a slacker. Anyway, here are the updated pages:

New Orleans band index A-M
New Orleans band index N-Z
New Orleans flyers (I still have about 40 more to add)
New Orleans band photos

Baton Rouge band index
Baton Rouge flyers
Baton Rouge band photos

photos from the 1978 Sex Pistols show at The Kingfish in Baton Rouge
photos from a Psychedelic Furs show in New Orleans in 1982
Men In Black photo gallery
The Normals photo gallery
RZA photo gallery
Wayward Youth photo gallery

For flyers and photos, I definitely prefer the gallery pages over the old directory listing like at Ripway. I's nice to be able to flip through them. The Baton Rouge pages are pretty bare as far as info, flyers, or photos, so if anyone has anything to add, please shoot me an email. I have some stuff to add from old emails, but not that much. Quite a bit of stuff for Lafayette and New Orleans though.

Does anyone know if this flyer is for the RIP from Lafayette? The flyer is from New Orleans. The Dungeons and Dragons illustration is awesome. I love it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yes, I am a douche.

Ok, so I admit it. I've been a douche and neglected this site for over a year and a half. In my defense, I've had a lot of stuff to take care of, but honestly a large part of it has been due to laziness. Several of the hosting accounts where stuff was stored have been cancelled or disappeared, so there are lots of dead links. Most notably, Ripway cancelled my account due to inactivity, and that killed all the flyer links. Also, the band photos sections have been screwed because the Image Cave account is disabled and Yahoo killed Yahoo Photos.

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and fixed at least the Lafayette section of the material. What I'm working on right now is getting the material organized so that I can load it all onto one account rather than spreading it all over the place. The Lafayette stuff is pretty much done. I've got about 2 years worth of emailed info to add to the archive once I get the files straightened out. Thanks to everyone who has been sending in info. I appreciate it.

I'm going to fix the New Orleans and Baton Rouge sections next, so that all of the current links work, and then I will add the new info that everyone sent in to all three sections. (New Orleans and Baton Rouge sections are still currently dead link central though.)

Here is some stuff to check out:
repaired Lafayette band page
gallery of Lafayette flyers
gallery of Lafayette band photos and stuff
promo photos of touring bands that played in Lafayette

Also, individual photo galleries for
August Spies
Bubba Daddy
Faith No More
Hand Bob the Spoon
Reality On Trial
Toxin III
The Zen Bastards

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two tracks by Three

I added two tracks of the soothing hippyfied sounds of Three to the old local band mp3 page. Three was Scotty Morris, Joe Whitaker, and Matt Gautreaux in his pre-Santeria/Jah One days. These songs are from their self-titled self-released cassette which features cover art by Aletha Jolivette. I know Scotty's doing carpentry, anybody know what Joe or Matt are up to?

There are now 23 mp3s of defunct Lafayette local bands on that page. There are also several other old bands up on the interwebnet:
August Spies
Bas Clas
more Frigg-a-go-go
Full Hank
Hand Bob the Spoon
Hekatomic Cherries
Rare Avis
Three Guys Plumbing
Toxin III

So Zen Bastards, Smaug, Gangster, Hostage, Figure Four, Yellow Dye #5, etc. etc. etc. quit slacking and put some of your old stuff up on the web. Don't force me to have to start posting about Spank the Monkey.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Map of Lafayette from the 1950's

I scanned an old map of Lafayette from the 1950's and put it here. Click on a section of the map to see that quadrant in a larger view. There's also a 1.1 Meg version of the whole map.

It's interesting because it's from before most of the road improvements were made and you can see how the street layout used to be. You can also see a few things that aren't there anymore like the Southern Pacific yards and an airport on N. University. Plus you can see how modifications to other streets affected the importance of others. Simcoe, N Pierce, and St. John are just kind of relegated to being ghetto streets now, but they used to be major. Same thing with General Mouton. Anyway, it's pretty interesting to check out.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Brooklyn music scene

I've been trying to check out as many bands as I can either online or live when they play here. Actually, I've been too broke to check out many of them live, but there are a couple of good weekly free shows I've been checking out, and a few are bands we've played with somewhere. Anyway, it's a complete pain in the ass to find the good bands here because there are so many shitty ones. It's kind of like the time your great dane swallowed your girlfriend's favorite earrings: you know there's something good in there somewhere, but you have to dig through a load of crap.

So with that in mind, here are 40 of the good ones that I've found. Mostly local stuff, but also some out-of-town bands that have played here. Of course, if your musical taste isn't ballpark of what mine is, you may think they all suck, but there's probably at least a few you will like. I always like hearing good new music, so hopefully you'll enjoy these. Maybe you peeps can keep me informed as to some of the good bands wherever you're at.

Anabolics: myspace (Brooklyn)
Angry Angles: myspace (Memphis)
The Assault: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Awesome Color: myspace (Brooklyn)
The Black Hollies: myspace (Jersey City)
Blue Rider: myspace (Brooklyn)
Broadband: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Buzz Buzz Tabernacle: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Call Me Lightning: website, myspace (Milwaukee)
Dansettes: website, myspace (NYC)
The Dead Betties: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
The Demands: website, myspace (NYC)
Department of Buildings: myspace (Brooklyn)
The Donkeys: myspace (San Diego)
El Jezel: website, myspace (Queens)
Federation X: website, myspace (Portland)
Fire in the Kitchen: website (NYC)
The Fools: myspace (NYC)
Fresh Kills: myspace (Brooklyn)
Goodnight Gunfight: myspace (Brooklyn)
Hundred Eyes: myspace (Brooklyn)
Edison Rocket Train: website (NYC)
Japanther: myspace (Brooklyn)
The King Khan BBQ Show: myspace (Montreal)
Leather Uppers: myspace (Toronto)
Life Partners: myspace (Boston)
Little Killers: myspace (Brooklyn) (that bass player could not be any more HOTTT, yes three T's)
Live Girls: website, myspace (NYC)
Lungs of a Giant: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Matt and Kim: myspace (Brooklyn)
Motico: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Oneida: myspace (Brooklyn)
Peelander-Z: myspace (NYC)
Pink Steel: website, myspace (Brooklyn)
Purple Organ: website (NYC)
Shellshag: myspace (NYC)
Sir Richard Bishop: mp3 (Chicago?)
Telenovela Star: myspace (NYC)
Trachtenberg Family Slideshow: myspace (NYC)
Velvet: myspace (Chapel Hill)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pink Panther skatepark

I found this Pigmy Skates page with some nice photos from the abandoned (and now destroyed) Pink Panther skatepark outside of Slidell. The Pink Panther was a 1970's era concrete skatepark located off of I-12 at the Pink Panther trailer park. I was lucky enough to go skate it once with Mike Smiley in the mid 90's. It was abandoned then, and we eventually got chased off by a sheriff. It has since been bulldozed. Anyway, it featured lots of banks, a snakerun that emptied into a bowl (that was full of water), a snakerun with a huge transitional wall, and some volcano / hip type things. Check out the Pigmy Skates page for a lot more photos of the park.

Here are a few shots of Mr. Smiling Michael at the Pink Panther. Hopefully, someday photos of the park when it was actually open in the 70's will surface.

Pigmy Skates also has a page on Houma's Paisley Fart Ditch, which was apparently the equivalent of Lafayette's Greenbriar Ditch. That is, a ditch that was fairly lame, but since it was the only one around, everyone still went there to skate it all the time.

I remember when we used to skate that little stupid Hub City Ford ditch or that one in between the two sides of the Thruway... then I took a roadtrip out to Albuquerque and skated the ditches out there. They were like works of art, perfectly transitional, hips, spines, roll-ins, you name it. Lafayette ditches were never the same again. Speaking of Greenbriar, here's a photo that I got from Beth Blackburn of Jerry Guillory standing in the middle of Greenbriar Ditch.

Also, here's one of somebody skating the Catfish Banks in Baton Rouge that I found somewhere. Damn, I miss that place.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Celebrity artists

Ok, what the hell is up with celebrity artists. Although there were a few I looked at that were surprisingly good, the rest need to stick to whatever made them a celeb. Click the following artworks to see who was responsible.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I found a couple of references to a Baton Rouge band called Bobbo. Apparently they were circa 1984ish. Anybody ever heard of them? One of the members was Tim Prudhomme, who is now on Smells Like Records, which is Steve Shelley's label (Sonic Youth's drummer.) Anyway, there's a brief mention in this interview and quite a bit of info in this Gambit article. They sound like they're worth checking out. I would have thought being from B.R. they would have mentioned The Zoomers, Shitdogs, US Times, etc. They sound like they were more new wave than punk maybe. I did find the reference about The Replacements playing in Lafayette interesting. Where and when was that? Jenkins, Chris, Mcbane, school me please.

There is also mention of several other B.R. bands on this Cap'n Ken post about Dash Rip Rock, namely The Times, Harry Dog and The Fleas, The Shitdogs, Bobbo, Scooter and The Mopeds, and The Human Rayz. Anybody ever heard of Scooter and the Mopeds or Harry Dog and the Fleas? I need to be more proactive trying to find this stuff out.