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Friday, July 15, 2005

More photos from Madelyn

Madelyn put up some more photos on her site. They are all located on this page. For example, she has some photos of a Zen Bastards show at that house on Main St. There must have been two different shows there because in the photos that Margaret sent, they're all wearing different clothes.

There are also some pics of a Zen Bastards show at Combined Effort in Baton Rouge. I'm not sure who the band is in the one photo. She said it was some kind of Oi band.

She has a lot more photos, so check them out. I recognized several of the people in them like Tracy Thorn, Saul from New Iberia, and Brett Drake. Does anybody know who this guy in the hat is? He was apparently a DJ at KRVS.

By the way, Kenny Vallot of the Zen Bastards, Chronicles of Hate, and Resent has a site in case you want to see what he's up to. He also has a page with his 4 track ideas circa 1991-93 if you want to listen. It's nice to see more and more old stuff going up on the web.


Blogger lisa hart said...

hey thats phillip pons with the big hat on!!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

Was he a DJ at KRVS?

9:55 AM  
Blogger lisa hart said...

why, yes he was but i don,t remember if he had is own show or what!

2:09 PM  

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