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Friday, November 04, 2005

more songs added

I finally got around to adding some more music to the mp3 page for Lafayette bands. I've been kind of a slacker about that stuff. The last time I added anything was July. Anyway, there is a Whiskey Dogs song (Dog Day Afternoon), two parts of a Captain Avenger thing from Jay Tray's show on KRVS, and a track by Three Guys Plumbing.

Actually, all of that is from an old tape recorded off of the radio. I was just listening to the Captain Avenger piece and noticed that I lost the left side audio so some of the chicken's lines are missing. I'll re-record it tomorrow and fix it.

The Whiskey Dogs track includes an intro of Jason Trahan talking that I left in because it really highlights his technical prowess. How that boy didn't become a high paid radio personality I'll never understand. He'uns was real perfeshunal. I'm not sure who was in Whiskey Dogs, but I think Jason was.

I believe the Captain Avenger piece was done by Jorge (Jay) Torres. Trahan might have been involved as well. It's about the love between a super-hero and a genetically mutated chicken. Check out the Whiskey Dogs and Captain Avenger tracks here.

I also added "Who Cries For the Pinatas?" to the Three Guys Plumbing page. Three Guys Plumbing was Trahan, Dave Clayton, and Dave Mouton.

Both Jay's were also in Rare Avis, and Jay Trahan was also in Urbosleeks. Jorge was in Oktober Groundfly as well. They're both now in Ceramic Duck in Athens, GA. Oh, and Trahan is also in The Ginger Envelope. Them boys is some band joining machines. Don't even get me started on Steven Miller.

Lastly, here is a little clip of Jason giving away tickets to the Poster Children show at Buck Nutty's. So I guess that dates the tape to 1997. Stephan Williams won the tickets by the way.


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