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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Old Tipitina's flyers

Here are some old Tipitina's flyers, I would guess from '77 to the early '80s? They're all from the Tipitina's website. You can check out more flyers here. They say they have all kinds of flyers and materials squirreled away in back rooms, so I hope they continue to put up more stuff. Rumor has it that Grant Street is the same way, so maybe we'll eventually see some of that put up on the web as well.

Professor Longhair, Neville Brothers, Muchos Plus

Lil' Queenie and The Percolators

The Rhapsodizers

The Rhapsodizers

On a venue related note, the latest issue of Anti-Gravity is out and has an article on the status of NOLA clubs. Twiropa is toast but most of the others are ok.


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