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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Urbosleeks photos from Louis

Louis sent me a bunch of Urbosleeks photos a few days ago and I forgot to post them. There are some good ones from Metropolis and The Bayou in Baton Rouge. These are just about the only photos I've seen from Metropolis. Except this one of The Shaz. Also, a flyer from a Skatenigs / Urbosleeks show. There are a whole bunch more. I put them all in the bands folder, just scroll down to the U's. There's also one that says it's from Toys, looks like it must have been when Toys was by Brother's? I thought I moved up north, but Louis has me beat. He's in Newfoundland. (Going back to his pre-Cajun roots?)

Urbosleeks at Metropolis ca. 1995?

Urbosleeks at The Bayou (Baton Rouge)

Jason Robira

Skatenigs / Urbosleeks flyer 1995


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