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Monday, May 30, 2005

the lowdown on this site

I guess I should periodically explain the purpose of this here blog for anyone who's recently started reading it. It's oriented towards people who live or have lived in Lafayette, Louisiana and has a few different aims. One is to be able to stay in touch and see what everyone is up to. To that end, if you have a new band, 4 track stuff, a website, a blog, art on the web, or anything, we would like to hear about it. Another aim is to collect and document some of the aspects of the Lafayette "scene". So far we have MP3s of several Lafayette bands, flyers to old shows, scans of zines, photos of clubs, people, skate spots, bands, etc. and links to resources on the web that may be of interest to Lafayette-ians.

Here are some of the things we are looking for:
MP3s of old local bands (even ones that sucked)
Old flyers and zines
Photos of local bands, old shows, clubs, ramps, anything that was part of the Lafayette scene
Mpegs of old commercials (the more retarded the better, i.e. Bossman Says Letemhavit, any On-Time or Sam's Fashions, etc.) or video stills
Links to anything that relates to any of this stuff
Info or contacts to people who may have some of the junk we're looking for

If you have any of this, you can email me here. The site is open to anyone from the Lafayette area, so if you have some stuff that you want to post yourself, email me and I'll send you an invite so you can join the blog. We are currently using Soundclick to host MP3s, which requires registration to be able to listen to stuff (which is a bummer), but they allow an unlimited number of tracks. Myspace is good also, but they only allow up to four MP3s. We're storing images and some other stuff at Ripway, which gives us 30 meg of storage and 10 meg/day bandwidth. So if you have something that you think other people would like to see, let me know. It doesn't have to be realted to the music/skate/art scene either, so if you want to post the image of Jesus or L. Ron Hubbard that you found on your toast or something, that's cool too.


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