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Monday, May 16, 2005

Poster Children's tour log

I know I already posted stuff from Poster Children's tour log before, but I just checked it out in greater detail. Rose has kept a tour log pretty much since 1995 (looks like maybe even earlier.) It's interesting because the Lafayette entries are almost like a history of 1990's Lafayette live music clubs. There is Metropolis in 1995, Buck Nutty's in 1997, the Pussycat in 1999, and the Rinky Dink in 2000. Lafayette (and Baton Rouge) seem to have left a good impression on them.

From the tour log:

Lafayette, LA - April 23rd, 1995


The most amazing bathroom goes to the Metropolis club. I suppose I am priviledged to be a girl and not have to see most of the men's bathrooms, but Rick had to take me back to see the men's bathroom of the Metropolis club. It had 3 sinks. One was clean, and the other two were those heavy steel industrial sinks and were completely filled with gallons and gallons of urine. The guy at the club saw me looking in awe at the bathroom and explained, "People kept breaking the urinals." The rest of our band seems to agree that this bathroom is the winner of the most incredible bathroom award. Word from Joe: "If I was any shorter..."


This is a wonderful town. I am beginning to think that the next big place to move might be Louisiana. I think no one knows it, but this is a really great place, and they are trying to keep it secret. The audience here is really appreciative of loud rock. Apparently Tar, Jawbox, and Arcwelder frequent this bar; that's an impressive roster to us. Tonight one of the guys in charge of the club cooked us dinner, and we were to show up at his house for it. This is always fun; usually when someone cooks us a meal, it's outstanding, and it's always very, very interesting to see a person's house. As you're walking in the door, you never know if it's going to be as messy as your house, messier, or neater, or if it'll be scary, with black candles all around, and tin-foil all over the walls. (I am speaking from experience.)

Going into someone's house gives you a better feeling of what the area is like than just seeing a club. Anyway, this guy had the most amazing house I'd ever seen. A guy who just looks like an average rocker-sort of guy, with a beautiful loft, artwork and white carpeting, who cooked us a meal of two types of chicken, and pasta and stewed tomato-stuff, complete with a cucumber salad. When we get off this tour, once again, we will be spoiled from eating so well. At home, the favorite recipe is Ramen noodles and vegetables. Sometimes we stir-fry the vegetables first.

Also, I have more flyers up on the flyer page. This batch were ones that were too big for my scanner so they're photos. The picture quality is kind of shitty on some.

Poster Children @ Buck Nutty's 1997 


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