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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hodgepodge of Lafayette related links

Sally has her own clothing company in San Diego. Looks like it's mostly t-shirts, although some other stuff too. Also some lovely ladies modelling the stuff.

Heith is a high falootin' intellectual type textbook author nowadays. Some of his other works include such classics as "Situational Constructions of Masculinity Among Male Street Thieves" and "The Effects of Criminal Justice Contact on Employment Stability for White Collar and Street-Leel Offenders", either of which I'm sure will land him on the best seller's list any day now. His students apparently find him "sooooo cute."

This Hek-atomic Cherries site has some old flyers (Milton Civic Center?!) and some funny photos of Steve and friends in their younger days. One of the other guys in the band has songs available here and I guess they were in some way related to this band Thunderpants.

A few folks' blogs:
Meister Fruge

And some old links that are still functioning:
Hand Bob the Spoon
True Man Posse, still around after all these years.

And some that are gone, but survive via the way back machine:
Urbosleeks I
Urbosleeks II
Rare Avis
Cantina Recordings
Troy Premo


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