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Monday, May 09, 2005


This site has quite a bit of info on old Baton Rouge (and some New Orleans) bands from back in the day. Plus they have MP3s of several of them. I was hoping to hear a Shitdogs track, but those links were dead. But the rest of them seem to work. I heard of the Shitdogs (great name) and The Zoomers this week from Chris Cart and I gather from the site that they were a pretty big deal in Baton Rouge. They've got several Zoomers songs, so check 'em out.

It also looks like they have plans for doing a Louisiana punk/new wave show in the near future. Very cool.

I noticed that there is a Toxin III MP3 available at this link, which I didn't post before. Check it out, you heathens!


Anonymous crackdaniel@hotmail.com said...

Shanks for the H2D and Toxin plug!

Chuck/H2D is clearly swank, and a real 'bro', as he re-eq'd the tape master for CD output. He then forwarded the 'wave' files to Italy for the Rave Up Records vinyl release.

H2D has the Zoomer stuff (on CD)and Rave Up has the Shitdogs (on vinyl).

Some other guy has some Mp3s on the net, but they are really poor quality and I would not recommend downloading them, although, they are free. Free shit and piss is still shit and piss.

Also, I wish H2D would have put a better song than 'Numb' as an Mp3 on the H2D link, but, hey what the hell, its Chucks site.

12:57 AM  

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