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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Andrew Duplantis and Scott Olivier

Jon found this: andrewduplantis.com . Not much to the site, except for this order page which has some info and two sample tracks. Andrew Duplantis is from Lafayette and was in Stan Brundy Function, and I think maybe One Hand Clapping? He moved to Austin and ended up playing with a ton of big name musicians like Bob Mould, the Meat Puppets, Alejandro Escovedo, Richard Buckner, and Son Volt. Alas, if only he had stayed in town, he would be Lafayette's greatest band heaux. He's definitely Lafayette's most successful band heaux. I like both of the tracks.

I found this: casadistortion.com . It's Scott Olivier's site. He was in One Hand Clapping and Blind Cavefish. I guess he's recording and mastering these days. Again not much to the site, but he's apparently got an impressive collection of gear. He's also got this movie of all of his stuff. Yes, I realize that's pretty nerdy, but as a fellow amp aficianado, it looks like something dumb I would do. My favorite memory of Scott was when he sawed out the wall at his mom's house so he could put a plexiglass window between his bedroom and the closet, which was then made into the "control room."

I also remember him running with a guy we called "Shirtless." He was a fairly big dude with a mullet and a moustache who every day after school would pull off his shirt as soon as he got in the parking lot, get in his old Mustang and peel out. Anybody remember his name? I thought it was Scott Bordelon, but I just looked in the yearbook and I don't see him. I wonder what he's doing now. I'll have to ask Colby.

All this talk of Stan Brundy Function calls for bringing out the old trusty photo of fellow Brundian Andre Bienvenue. Huzzah!

Andre Bienvenipple.


Anonymous mcbane said...

wow, ok scott, you win! that shit sounds good too.

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