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Saturday, January 07, 2006

stuff from the Vermilion

I'm finally home, thank Jeebus. I was going through some serious internet withdrawals. Upon arriving though I found out that we're getting kicked out of our apartment. It seems that it has been deemed an illegal residence. The fucking beaurocracy in this town is truly ridiculous. It's like they just sit around all day dreaming up new ways to screw with people.

Anyway, here's some more stuff from the copy of The Vermilion that had the Bayou Bijou article. Here's a comic by Dana, called I'm With Stupid:

And here are a bunch of logos and stuff for defunct clubs and whatnot:


Metropolis in the Bustamante days, I think.

Cafe 101 when it was owned by Brooks Friedberg.

Home of the ever-popular Hans, incredibly weak Sex on the Beach, that goth guy who did the high kicks, and Ben Blackburn and Andre Bienvenue leaning up against the wall in vests with no shirt underneath.

The good old days of $1 movie rentals. Of course, you usually had to settle for Meatballs 8 or Hot Dog 7 or some shite.

I'm proud to say that I never set foot in this place.

Rabbit stew! Is T'coon's still around?

Cornwell's was next to Prof Erny's on S. College if memory serves.

I dumped all of these logos in the club photos folder.


Anonymous mcbane said...

t-coons is still around, I go to the one next to poupart's every time I visit, then grab some french bread before hitting the road.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

I didn't know there was a T-coon's on Pinhook.

10:42 PM  

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