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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Old Lafayette ads

These aren't related to the Lafayette music scene, but if you're a history nerd like myself, you might find them interesting. I always liked to see what the various buildings in town were back in the old days and to see how the city had changed over the years. These are ads from the back of the 1916 SLII (U of L) yearbook. There are quite a few, so you'll have to bear with me.

509 Jefferson is now Teche drugs, and as far as I can remember Moss Pharmacy is still around (corner of Lee and Convent or something?)

I like the ad for the Jefferson theater. That got torn down to make the parking lot next to the Jefferson hotel or whatever it's called (the building that had the Sidebar). Smooth move, Lafayette.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think this house is on N. Orange.

I wonder where Stewart's was. I think the Lafayette Drugstore may have been on Jefferson next to the underpass in that building that was Dot's that got torn down a few years ago. I say this because I was digging around in the rubble after they demolished it and found several old time Lafayette Drugstore bottles.

I think this guy Nickerson may have been the person the Nickerson addition was named after. That neighborhood is considered part of McComb now, but it was originally called the Nickerson Addition and was bordered by Jefferson, Simcoe, and the old railroad yard. I'm not sure where the south end was. My old house on 8th St. is in it.

Lafayette Electric still survives, although it's now on Cameron. I'm glad I wasn't a kid back then. Those clothes are retarded.

I think the house in the photo is either on N. Sterling or N. Orange. It's weird to see these old houses when they were being used as an example of a new home. Bank of Lafayette was bought by Iberia Bank in the early 90's.

Ah, the days when they hadn't finished completely deforesting the Atchafalaya yet.

I can remember Lafayette Wholesale being open on Simcoe next to the tracks. I wonder if they're still there. I never went to it, and feel stupid about that now. An 85 year old grocery, that had to have been cool.

There are more ads, but these are the ones I found most interesting.


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