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Monday, December 12, 2005

Frigg-a-go-go returns?

Check out Frigg's myspace page which has tracks from their soon to be released super secret rumored only to exist in another dimension long lost ghost ninja record, All That Glitters. Does this mean they're back together? Sounds like a maybe. Check out Nick Pittman's article from The Times. It's about time they resurfaced. I could use a good Frigging. I see from the photo that Chadwick has brought the VH shirt out of retirement... that's a good sign...

On a Frigg related note, there are some older Frigg-a-go-go songs that I put up a while back here and also some Frigg photos and stuff here.


Anonymous Crack said...

The first and last time I saw these guys. . . was New Years Eve 98/99. . . Pussy Cat Lounge(I believe). . . after midnight. . . me and Ricky Williams were standing up front and center. . . we were swiggin' tequila from the bottle. . . when we finished the bottle (1/5). . . Ricky looked relieved. . . but to his surprise (chagrin). . . I pulled another one out of my coat. . . hahahaha. . . we started over again. . . handing the bottle to the singer(?). . . he took a big gulp. . . and we partied like it was 1999 (oh yeah. . . it was). . . HooooZzaaaaaa. . .

4:51 AM  
Anonymous dege said...

I ate link of boudin today in yr honor...NOW QUIT SLACKING and GET BACK TO WRITING.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous rey rey said...

Merry Chrimmy from freetown. I second the motion from mr. legg. get back to work, sucka.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

Sorry ya'll, I was busy with finals and the happy godless holidays. I'll get back on the jazz now, turkeys.

9:31 AM  

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