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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Metropolis newsletter

Here are some scans from the Metropolis newsletter from March 1996. I believe this would have been the period when Bernard and Tracy owned the club. It features Liquidrone, Man Or Astroman?, Medeski Martin and Wood, Frigg-a-go-go, Vaudeville, The Dismemberment Plan, Evil Mothers, Geezer Lake, Zeni Geva, Pervis, Weedeater, Burnversion, Sanpakus, Dumpsterjuice, Likehell, and a bunch of other bands. The calendar shows a really strong connection to the NOLA and Baton Rouge scenes at the time. It's a pretty cool snapshot of the Lafayette scene in 1996. It seems like a newsletter like this is a good idea for a club too. If people pick one up on the way out from a show and read about the upcoming stuff, they would be more likely to come out and see those shows. I wonder why more clubs don't do this.


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