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Monday, January 02, 2006

Santeria video

Check out this Santeria video from Dege. It's good, it looks pro. You can get more info on it on Dege's myspace page.

Santeria Promo Video--Watch It Now...
Here it is...for everybody that was there and those who were too young or far away...here's a chance to peep a portion of what we did, live: Put Out. And remember, folks...this was done on a lowrent budget, so Please take that into consideration. We're not (weren't) rockstars with zillion dollar bank accounts. We're strange clowns of humble means, just like most everybody else. Also, this is a "lower-res" version.

Enjoy: Click here to watch 'Santeria-High-and-Rising'

The Specifics:
Band: Santeria (my old band 94-04)
Song: "High & Rising"
Culled/Edited/Directed: Doug "Out" Domingue
Why: Don't Ask why we're putting out a promo video for a band that is close to 2 years over....just be glad/irrate that it "IS." In short, the promo's for an indie film with Bigfoot in it. There! Are you happy? Right. The director of the movie put some Santeria music in the film and wanted a video, so Primo & I enlisted the amazing Doug, who buried himself in an enormo-box full of old Santos footage and came out with this video. I think he did a great job, considering the amount of footage he had to go thru...and even then, not even 1/20 of the stuff was used.

Thanks: To all the peoples who came out to shows back then. This is for you as much as us. Dig it. Kind of brings back a lot of memories. Some bad. Most Good. But All of them: IS.

Final Note: Doug still has to do a last filter treatment on the thing, but I'm posting the near-done version now for you to peep. When I figure out how to post the video on the front page or someone ingenius code-geek shows me, I'll put in on the front page of this myspace shit. For now, this is it.


Anonymous dege said...

Plug = thanks. 06 = let's kick some assage.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

And take some nameage.

1:07 PM  

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