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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mike Vallely in Lafayette, late 80's

Pictures of Mike Vallely in Lafayette from John Morrow. The first is at John Wayne, and the others are from Surf-n-skate.

Just for the record, John Wayne was a 10 or 11 foot blue vert ramp with a mini next to it on John Wayne Dr. off of Kaliste Saloom. It was owned by Chad Simon, and was home to the SMP (Southern Metal Posse). Surf-n-skate was the local skate shop in the late 80's and was on Guilbeau. It had a street course outside and a mini ramp inside. It was owned by Ms. Donna? (think that was her name.) When Surf-n-skate closed, they sold some of the stuff to some guys with a little park in Baton Rouge. They sawed the mini in half across the flat and took half of it back with them. Me, Jenkins, and some other fools borrowed a flatbed trailer, scavenged the other half of the ramp and whatever was left of the street course and dropped it off in my parents' driveway. Needless to say, I didn't tell them I was bringing it, and it sat there forever until they were ready to kill me. I eventually got around to ripping it apart and built the old ramp on Lafayette Street out of it and parts of Thomas Couvillion's old ramp. While I was ripping the Surf-n-skate mini apart, I found that someone had written "J.P. SUCKS" on the underside of the plywood layer all over the place (looked like when they built it.) J.P. was one of their sponsored ams. Legend has it that he squanked Ms. Donna. But you ain't heard that from me, because I AIN'T ONE TO GOSSIP.


Anonymous Crack said...

Mrs. Donna Bumpiss. . . was a milf. . . we used to hang out there. . . just to gaze at those. . . nice big titties. . . yes we did. . . uh huh. . .

4:49 AM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

If this Lafayette urban legend is true, you could have probably hooked up a little skatepark soiree...

8:29 AM  

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