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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More silkscreen stuff

Here are a few more old silkscreen designs:

This was a t-shirt design for Metropolis. Either Dana or Fluid made this. Metropolis was where Renaissance is now for anyone who doesn't know. It was originally opened by Kirk Bustamante and Tracy Davis, later was owned by Tracy and Bernard Pearce, then still later was owned by Dave Maynor. In my opinion it was the best live music club Lafayette has ever had.

This was a t-shirt design for the Pussycat Lounge, which was a big feed warehouse converted to a questionably legal club on Grant Street next to B's Lounge. This design was pretty much straight ripped off of some turn of the century masonic art. The Pussycat was one of my favorite clubs because of it's total DIY aspect, and also because of it's sheer sketchiness.

This is a sticker design for the Rinky Dink. It was on The Block near downtown (in Fightville). It was originally opened by Bernard Pearce, Richard Grant, and Steve Wilkerson, and was later owned by Drew Landry (of The Dirty Cajuns). It was always a crazy scene because of the mix of punk rock kids and gangstas. After the club closed you could go behind the building to Big Daddy's and get your fried garfish on while a bunch of thug looking dudes rolled dice next to you.

T-shirt design for Crooked, which was a skateshop owned by Blaze Sonnier that was first located in the little shopping center by Wendy's on Johnston and later was at Buck Nutty's Skateranch. Blaze really did a lot for the Lafayette skate scene. If it weren't for him and Jonathan Lafayette would have gone a long time with no skateshop or skatepark.

T-shirt design for Cafe 101. That was the coffee shop across from USL next to Taco Bell. It was owned by Brooks Friedberg who also had earlier owned CD Cafe. Brooks was another guy who really supported the local scene. I think he was involved in some other business ventures, but I can't remember what they were anymore.


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