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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Localpalooza clippings

More stuff from Carl about Localpalooza (1993 at Grant Street):

This is the cover of the Times with Full Hank and a blurb about the show. The photo was taken by Hans from Nitecaps in front of Mako's.

This is an article about the show from The Vermilion. It's kind of hard to get the image down where it's not huge and yet still readable. I'll try to convert the text to html and make a page for it. I don't know if the author Todd caught some flak for his bland review of the Pain Teens / Bubba Daddy show from the USL yearbook or something, but he seems to have more of an opinion on this show. He even disses one of the bands (Extension). Generally everybody else got fairly positive reviews. It's been a long time since I heard anybody described as grunge though. He seems to have been more interested in my amp than my band. He was right about the car speakers, but the "decoupage" was actually a sacrificed Iron Maiden poster. I wish I had a good photo of that amp. Sadly, all I have is this one of building it. One of my other bright ideas back then was to gut a clothes dryer and mount a 15" speaker in the front hole behind the door. It looked cool on stage, but after lugging that piece of crap around to about two shows, it wasn't so cool anymore.

This is the cover to a Clifton Chenier record from the 60's (I think) on Arhoolie. It's my favorite picture of Clifton and Cleveland, and I didn't see it on the web anywhere, so I thought I'd put it up. Clifton is bad to the bone.

By the way, Scott dug up a bunch more stuff which I'll start posting as soon as I scan it.


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