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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

zydeco links

Here's a bunch of zydeco related links. First off, these two articles about Hamilton's last show: here and here. It's a shame to see that place close. But like somebody said in one of the articles, I barely ever went when it was open, so I can't bitch too much. I'm really glad that I did get the chance to see it while it was open, unlike some of the others, like Jay's.

Hechicero.com has some interesting stuff on zydeco in the early 70's. I guess these people lived around Lafayette in 73-74 and took photos at the zydeco clubs. I hope more of these sites pop up so that culturally important stuff from back then doesn't get lost.

Here are a few sites with downloadable mp3s. Sonny Landreth's site has a bunch of tracks. He has some of his early 70's stuff as well but they're clips. Npmusic.org has a ton of tracks from various old Cajun artists. Definitely worth checking out, it's a good place to educate yourself on the old cajun musicians. Livinblues.com has a lot of blues stuff (and some zydeco). A lot of it is from contemporary blues artists, but they've got vintage stuff as well.

Really bad zydeco humor. Yes, he's making zydeco jokes about Deuce Biggalo. I definitely wouldn't suggest that this guy make a sudden career change into comedy. But I can't hold his questionable humor and javascript page transitions against him though, because he also publishes zyde-zine and has all of the back issues up on the web, which is really cool.

Finally, Japanese zydeco bands. I think some of them are kind of missing the point, but some aren't too bad. Who knows, maybe their different point of view will bring in something new. On a side note, I googled "cripart" hoping to find some gang-related clipart, but instead found that the stereotype of Japanese people mispronouncing L's is very much alive and well. So, if you're bored, try googling a stereotypically Japanese mispronounced English word. You'll be surprised by how many results there are. Then click the "Translate this page" link to get some entertaining facts about your topic. For example, erephant, when harry met sarry, motrey crue, etc. "With live, also the woman drummer persevering in that appearance, it hit, but after all the drummer of the モトリー thought whether Lee Tommy and so on also." "At that time certain, (they are the times when it has the squid heaven to 'band boom' partly due) the many bands coming out, being something which keeps going out, it does." Don't try "ferratio" though, cause you'll just end up in a cesspool of ferret oriented Furry-porn.


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