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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Various post-worthy links

First off, Primo has a Santeria myspace page now. Check it out, it's got four tracks and he says he'll be rotating other ones periodically.

And since I never miss a chance to make fun of my friends, check out this account of a doomed She-devils show in 2000. It's the Feb. 18th entry. Basically, it sounds like it was doomed by a deadly combination of Bernard and the wacky weed. Also, check out this one that says that B is a local, and should be a national, treasure.

Here's a google video of the old USL dorms being imploded.

And here's a cheesy farewell Ice Gators video.

I got this through the Sounds Below Sea Level project. It's a Katrina tribute song from Bastian Förstner in Germany. Check it out: Still New Orleans. I shall refrain from commenting.

Barry Cowsill's body has been identified in New Orleans. He was the bass player for the Cowsills, an old garage band from Rhode island. He had been missing since the hurricane. Read a little more about it and check out a Cowsills track here.

Cherie Breaux's friends are releasing a movie about Christian Music called Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music. I'm not sure if it's up my alley, but it looks like it might be cool. It's playing here at Upright Citizen's Brigade and in Austin at the Alamo. Cherie moved to Chicago and married one of the guys in The Frames (Rob I think).

Ok, this has nothing to do with Louisiana, but check out this video of all of the mayoral candidates for NYC. Well, almost all of them. The guy we know from Haunted Pussy isn't in it, probably because he was in jail at the time for telling a reporter "he could stab him in the face and people would think he was a hero like Bernie Goetz". Anyway, it's mostly boring bullshit, but check out Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is TOO DAMN HIGH party. He starts at about 19:15, but you should watch the last few seconds of the nerd before him to get the full effect. I like the way they keep bleeping out "damn".

Russian mail-order amputees. FINALLY.

This is disgusting.


Anonymous rey rey said...

Check out more Cowsills. They are the band on which The Partridge Family were based. Most of us assumed Barry was off on another bender but sadly, this was not the case.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Great Boudenny said...

A-ite, I'll do that.

8:54 AM  

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