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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Misc. stuff

Regia was the band with that guy Louis who moved to Lafayette from Athens or somewhere. Anyway, here's his myspace page. I guess he lives in New York now.

This page about Northside High in 1967 is kind of interesting. It says The Persian Market played their prom. Persian Market was a garage band from Lafayette High. Their Lafayette in the 60's page is just a list of clubs from then, but it's still kind of interesting. I think I'll hit up the webmaster for more info.

Here's the yo-yo dude design that Dana did for Shannon May when he was on G&S:

I found this somewhere. I guess it's the cover for a Red Beans and Rice Revue 7"? They were apparently a staple at Jay's Cockpit in Cankton and featured Sonny Landreth:


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