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Sunday, May 29, 2005

1960's Lafayette garage bands

Here are some of the garage band photos that Curtis sent. They're from the 1967-69 Lafayette High yearbooks. The Gentrys were from Memphis. Thomas Edison's Electric Light Bulb Band featured Richard Staggs, who later was in Richard Orange and the Eggmen, and Kim Foreman, who was later in Zuider Zee. The Sussex 6 had Keith Thibodeaux who was Little Ricky on I Love Lucy. He was later in Little David and the Giants, and is now a born again Christian.

The Gentrys 1968 @ Lafayette High. Nice pants. 

Wrong Way 

Thomas Edison's Electric Light Bulb Band 1968 

Sussex 6 with Little Ricky! I would kill for that Vox amp. 


Anonymous crackdaniel@hotmail.com said...

Believe it. . . or not. . . but I met Lil' Ricky in Crowley. . . he was auditioning. . . as a drummer. . . for one of the. . . 60's garage bands. . . in the area. . . can't remember the name. . . of the group. . . Lil' Ricky was a. . . PONCE. . . head up his ass. . . he hadn't figured it out. . . your not on. . . I Love Lucy. . . anymore. . .

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