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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Some new stuff...

There are a few new songs at Five Deuce Deuce. A song each from Rare Avis, Brown Idol, Philo Beddoe, and yes, the Megatron Jones track that I know you've all been waiting for. I'm not totally sure, but I suspect that those guys may have been in the school band. Just a guess. I also suspect that if you were to listen to the whole tape, you would find either a Klingon joke or a reference to having sex with 7 of 9. Please, at least listen up to the tongue in cheek whitey rap part. And on the FiddyFile site, there is a Brown Idol cover. Schickenbutt has uncovered the motherlode of old local recordings, so we'll be adding stuff continuously for a while. We're also looking for a place to store video clips.

Interestingly, the Full Hank song reached #46 on the goth metal charts at Soundclick. Even more interestingly, it only had 6 plays. That's some fierce competition in that there goth metal category, I tell you what. If you really want some entertainment, go to the chart and listen to a few adjacent goth tracks.


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