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Saturday, February 04, 2006

various links

You may have seen this Grant Street article from The Ind already, but if not, it's good reading. They really nail the most recent owner Kight. I didn't realize he started cutting out signatures from the backstage area two days after he owned the place. The article is coming from a markedly different perspective than the previous articles about the pending closure.

Check out Nick Pittman's site. He's got a lot of articles on Lafayette bands and whatnot. He's also got a collection of his old articles here. Mostly stuff from The Times, but also some other magazines and papers.

Mean Streek is my new favorite Lafayette band. Why? This picture:
I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that photo is. I do suspect however, that they are blissfully unaware that streek is misspelled in their name, but I forgive them. After all, they have a respectable 10% originals to covers ratio. Also be sure to check out their bios and see if you can figure out which member is the odd man out.

Dale Dolese from One Hand Clapping is now in a band called Grape Ape. I thought he moved to Austin, but I guess he's back in New Orleans now.

I also saw that Carl added a bunch more songs to his Hand Bob The Spoon page on Soundclick. I keep forgetting to post it.

Kristie Cornell's photo page has a lot of cool photos of the Lafayette area. This folder has photos of the old Pussycat right after Hurricane Rita.

Does anybody know what happened to Lafayette Local Entertainment? I know the domain expired, but is it dead for good?


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