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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Men In Black, Wayward Youth, The Normals photos, and a temporary Airline 61 site

I dumped some photos from the Men in Black site into folders on the band pages. Men in Black stuff is here and Wayward Youth photos and stuff is here. I also made a folder for photos of The Normals. I got most of the Normals stuff from the old Airline 61 site via the Wayback Machine at archive.org.

I rebuilt the Airline 61 site on tripod here so that the Normals pages are still accessible (they have a lot of good information) and also so that Steve H has a site for the record label in the meantime. (Note: some of the links are dead, and I couldn't recover all of the images and graphics.) Airline 61 carries releases from The Normals, Lump, and it looks like Eugene Chadbourne. I haven't rebuilt the Lump pages yet, but I intend to when I get a chance so that there is at least a web presence for Lump. I'm hoping that the New Orleans compilation project that we've been working on will generate some interest in the Lump and Normals records that Steve has.

Here are a couple more photos off of the Men In Black photo page:

Flipper in New Orleans (late 70's early 80's)

Stevie Normal (of The Normals)


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