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Friday, October 07, 2005

Guess what? More flyers.

Here are some more flyers. These are all too big to scan and I just got around to taking photos of them.

Firehose at The Bayou in Baton Rouge in 1990 with the Lower Chakras (from Baton Rouge). That was such a great show. I also saw them at The Art Bar, and that show was even better.

Truth Decay at Cornwell's in Lafayette. Early to mid 90's.(got this one from Scott)

Fugazi and Fidelity Jones/Fire Party, both shows at Haricot's in Lafayette in 1989. (got these from Heith)

Bluerunners flyer from out of state (I got this from either Mike Mcbane or Mark Meaux a long time ago)

Bluerunners and Full Hank at Grant Street (Lafayette) on Halloween 1992. (from Heith Copes)


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