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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More Toxin III photos

Chris sent these photos of Toxin III. The first two are of the 1981 lineup with Bill Martin, Chris Cart, and Don Spicer and were taken in the bathroom of the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans. Davey Slut of The Sluts used to get them gigs there. Check out the graffiti, you can see the names of some of the old N.O. punk bands like Red Rockers and The Fugitives. The third photo is Chris at work, and the last two are of the 1983 Toxin III lineup of Chris Cart, Ronnie Stevens, Cecil Doyle, and Chachi Richardson.

For more info, check out Chris's Toxin III site. Also, you can hear their music on their Soundclick page, or get it from Hyped to Death. This last photo has already been posted, but I'm putting it up again in case anybody missed it because it's so badass. It's members of Toxin III and Snufflix with the sheriff at a show at a Knights of Columbus hall.

I put these photos and the other Toxin III photos here.


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