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Thursday, September 01, 2005

local bands get some airplay

I heard from Ivan K. He's doing the local music show at KRVS and said he's been playing a lot of the stuff from the cds I sent. The show is Closet Space (Jay Tra's old show) and is on Thursday night from midnight to 1 (really 12 AM to 1 AM Friday morning.) He's also doing another show called Midnight Hour on Wednesday nights from midnight to 1. Both shows are replayed Saturday morning, but really early (or late depending on your point of view) from 4 AM to 6 AM. Schedule here.

Also, I finally got around to giving Liz Berg at WFMU (here in NYC) copies of the cds (I know, I suck.) She played Liquidrone on this weeks show. She's also played Sanpakus previously, so a little Louisiana exposure, which is cool. Her show is Tuesday mornings from 9 AM to noon, but they're archived so you can listen to them over the net anytime. Archives here.

Today, Chris Cart sent in a bunch of great photos of Otis, Toxin III, and Bubba Daddy. Plus I've still got some promos from Jon J to post and stuff from Scott that I haven't even scanned yet. I've been working on index pages for N.O. and B.R. bands as well. So there's quite a bit of new material. I love it.


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