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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bubba Daddy photos and press kit stuff

Here's some Bubba Daddy stuff from Chris. Bubba Daddy was Chris Cart (Toxin III, Otis, Reality On Trial) on guitar and vocals, Ricky Williams (Piece Core, Otis, Santeria) on bass, Andre Bienvenue (Sanpakus, Stan Brundy Function) on guitar, Krishna Kasturi (Santeria, Zen Bastards) on drums, and Brian Fruge (Toxic Youth, Urbosleeks, Sanpakus) on percussion. These photos are from when they opened for the Holy Rollers at the Bayou (Lafayette).

They recorded a live demo with Scott Ayres of the Pain Teens which is available from Interpunk. The following scans are stuff from their press kit.

I put these photos here.


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