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Monday, May 23, 2005

Urbosleeks and Rare Avis

Rare Avis

There is now an Urbosleeks page and a Rare Avis page. There are also a few new MP3s (Oktober Groundfly, Meat Dingys, etc.) on the misc. MP3 page. Sorry for the semi-low quality, my laptop kind of sucks.


Plus, check out Jon J. having a little mic malfunction during his rock MC duties. I'm not totally sure, but I think he may have been indicating that you most likely are familiar with the routine and everyone should assume the "on your knees" position. Motherfuckers!!! Moop....meep.....mow!!!! Also, Jesus Lizard doing Ladyshoes at The Bayou (the Lafayette one) in 1992. I like the way Yow calls the audience "you all fag ass dipshits".


Anonymous crackdaniel@hotmail.com said...

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