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Sunday, August 28, 2005

misc. stuff

This is just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I have scanned. Jenkins just sent a bunch of promo photos that I'm working on, and I'll forget about this stuff if I don't post it now.

Urbosleeks print

Servotron (Man or Astroman side project) flyer or handout from Metropolis

Scott in the park downtown

shitty clipart flyer from an 8th Street Halloween party

David Duke bumper sticker. Before everybody jumps all over me, I was never a Duke supporter. Me, Bob, Donny, and T'so thought it would be funny to go to a Duke rally in Crowley (or Rayne maybe, don't remember exactly.) After he would say something, the crowd would start freaking out, and we would yell stuff like "kill whitey" or "I wanna be black." I know that's not particularly creative, but it was pretty funny because the old racists would turn around and smile at us and wave because they couldn't really tell what we were saying amid the roar of the crowd. They thought we were some young kids down with the cause. I should point out that there were actually people sieg heiling Duke. Craziness.

flyer from one of Aletha's art shows


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