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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Tickle Dracula

Richard G., aka Magnum McDaniels, has a new band called Tickle Dracula, composed of guitar, drums, and stand-up comedian. They've got a site with seven songs here. I saw them on April 1st at the Knitting Factory with Stuckey and Murray, Sharon Mama Spell, and Jessica Delfino and they were all awesome. For some reason there was a fratboy invasion during Stuckey and Murray though. Why do fratboys always seem to appear in packs? It's like the fucking fratborg. There's got to be some kind of underlying intelligence controlling them.

Generic Cobra Lackey: "Cobra Commander, there is a show at the Knitting Factory that appears to be going well. Shall we deploy the fratboys?"
Cobra Commander: "Yes, deploy them immediately. Set their vocabularies to stunningly retarded."

But I kid you. Fratboys. Underlying intelligence. Ha.


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